Todd Borg Author- TAHOE TRAP


      by Todd Borg     

      The 10th in the Award-Winning Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller Series!

      When Tahoe Detective Owen McKenna answers the phone early one morning, a young boy named Paco cries out, “HELP ME!”

      McKenna discovers that the boy is trapped in the back of a speeding pickup somewhere in Tahoe.  In the front of the truck are two men who have just murdered Paco’s foster mother.  The men want the boy, but they don’t yet know that he witnessed the murder and that he hid in their truck.

      Desperate to save the boy from the men, McKenna decides to set a trap using Paco as bait. 

      McKenna’s plan carries a huge risk.  If it goes wrong, he will be handing the boy to the killers …

      “Borg is a superb storyteller.”- Midwest Book Review

      “Borg belongs on the bestseller list with Parker, Paretsky and Coben.”- Merry Cutler, Anne’s Book Shop, Sharon, Massachusetts

      “Once you read an Owen McKenna novel, you’re hooked for life!”- Karen Dini, Addison Illinois Public Library

      ISBN 978-1-931296-20-5   $16.95  Trade Paper  351 pages  Baker & Taylor, Ingram Book Clearing House

      Triller Press  P.O. Box 551110  South Lake Tahoe, CA  96155   530-573-1314

      Please visit

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