PM PRESS- BASIC SKILLS CAUCASIAN AMERICANS WORKBOOK & MANGO & MINT from chef and professional musician Nicky Garratt & Much More

      PM PRESS- June brings us the educational, interactive, and fully illustrated Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook, providing young (and old) readers with accurate (and laugh-out-loud) accounts of the lives of the Caucasian Americans, who long ago roamed our land. Also, our latest international vegan cookbook, complete with full-color menus, Mango & Mint from chef and professional musician Nicky Garratt (UK Subs!).   And Many More Books and Events

New Releases/Events/News
June 2013   

June brings us the educational, interactive, and fully illustrated Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook, providing young (and old) readers with accurate (and laugh-out-loud) accounts of the lives of the Caucasian Americans, who long ago roamed our land. Also, our latest international vegan cookbook, complete with full-color menus, Mango & Mint from chef and professional musician Nicky Garratt (UK Subs!).

We have a plethora of great news, reviews, and events, as well as our very own Kickstarter for John Barker’s novel, Futures. We can’t list everything happening in one email, but click on the relevant images for more info or check it all out HERE.


Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook
by Beverly Hope Slapin with Guillermo Prado  
PB | ISBN: 9781604865202 | $14.95
The world of the Caucasian Americans comes alive through history lessons, puzzles, and word games for all ages. The history, material culture, mores, and lifeways of the people now collectively known as the “Caucasian Americans” have often been discussed but rarely comprehended. Until now. This revised edition of Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook provides young readers with accurate accounts of the lives of the Caucasian Americans, who long ago roamed our land. Even in times past, Caucasians were not all the same. Not all of them lived in gated communities or drove SUVs. They were not all techie geeks or power-hungry bankers. Some were hostile, but many were friendly.
“For many years, I’ve recommended this amazing book as anthropological source material in the education of young children. Beverly Slapin has captured the essence of what it was really like to have lived as a Caucasian American.”
—-Virginia Lea, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Education, University of Wisconsin-Stout; Co-Chair, Proposals Committee, National Association for Multicultural Education; Executive Director, Educultural Foundation; Co-Chair, Pride Alliance, University of Wisconsin-Stout


Mango & Mint: Arabian, Indian, and North African Inspired
Vegan Cuisine
by Nicky Garratt
PB | ISBN: 9781604863239 | $17.95
Mango & Mint is a collection of favorite vegan dishes inspired by the foods of the Arab world, India, and North Africa. It follows the philosophy of a cuisine free of meat rather than one that emulates it. Care has been taken to include sufficient recipes to build a complete buffet or a formal sit-down meal. Traditional recipes for familiar classics such as hummus or chana masala are enriched with tips and presentation ideas while established flavors and techniques are brought to bear on new combinations. This collection of recipes leans toward the flavorful with Arabic and North African creations such as Baba Ghanoush, Red Pepper Bulgur Salad, Spinach Pies, Harissa, Donuts in Syrup, and Indian favorites such as Apple Soup, Peanut Vada, and Mango Rice.

An index for fresh ingredients enables one to quickly locate a recipe by provisions already in your refrigerator while sample menus with full-color photographs offer presentation ideas.

“The recipes I tried are exceptional. The peanut vada have an addictively complex flavor I haven’t found in restaurant versions. The longan and onion chutney flat out kicks ass! It takes a creative chef with a mastery of Indian spices to put together such a balanced chutney. I’m stealing this for Millennium!”
—-Eric Tucker, executive chef, Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco


PM Combo Packs! 
For frugal PM shoppers, we’ve teamed up some of our bestselling items in discounted “Combo Packs” of like-minded books, CDs, and DVDs. You can choose from a wide range of groovy Combos that save up to 50% on the list price, including the Autonomous Art Combo, the Outspoken Authors Combo, the Big Noise Dispatches DVD Combo and more.

See the Combo Packs HERE.


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Recent News/Reviews 
Drawn to New York in the New York Times
Review by Steven Kurutz
Peter Kuper, the cartoonist and illustrator, inks his own experiences which seem informed by the twin responses shared by many New York transplants: anxiety and wonder. The artistic styles change from page to page, mirroring the frenetic, unpredictable nature of the city. As Mr. Kuper said, “The thing I like about New York is the quality of feeling like you’re traveling at all times.”

Read the full review HERE
Oscar López Rivera Featured on Democracy Now!
Interviews by Juan González and Amy Goodman
Hundreds of Puerto Ricans rallied this week to call for the United States to release the Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera. Wednesday marked his 32nd year in prison. In 1981, López  was convicted on federal charges, including seditious conspiracy—-conspiring to oppose U.S. authority over Puerto Rico by force. To talk more about the case, we speak with Luis Nieves Falcón, a renowned Puerto Rican lawyer, sociologist, and educator. He is the editor of the new book of López’s letters and reflections called, Oscar López Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance. We also talk with Matt Meyer, long-time member of the War Resisters League.

Watch the feature HERE.
The Human Front in Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
Scottish author Ken MacLeod bolsters his tight, brilliant, alternate-history novella with two supporting essays and a lengthy interview, combining revolutionary politics, flying-saucer lore, and family dynamics in a slender but potent volume. The essays—-one on the novella’s setting and one on the landscape of fiction—-lend depth and context to what is already an excellent tale, one that readers should be glad to see made readily available in the United States. 


Read the full review HERE
Bicycle! in Library Journal
Review by Henrietta Thornton-Verma
Sam Tracy’s second edition boasts five years’ worth of additional hands-on experience since his first, gained during his bicycling pursuits around the globe. He writes in a humorous, unintimidating tone, e.g., saying of bike frame creaks, “they exist to mock us.” Maintenance, repair, and selecting the right type of bike are all covered, and, from headsets to wheels and brakes to drive trains, the mechanics are discussed. From seasoned bike builders to novice bike riders, everyone will find something of value in this manifesto. A smart buy for any library serving a bike culture. 
Read the full review HERE.
Selma James and Wages for Housework in the New York Times
Article by Kristan Wartman
In the 1960s and ’70s, when American feminists were fighting to get women out of the house and into the workplace, there was another feminist arguing for something else. Selma James, a labor organizer from Brooklyn, pushed the idea of wages for housework. Ms. James, who worked in a factory as a young woman and later became a housewife and a mother, argued that household work was essential to the American economy and wondered why women weren’t being paid for it. As Ms. James and a colleague wrote in 1972, “Where women are concerned their labor appears to be a personal service outside of capital.”
Read the the full article HERE.  
Barred for Life in Razorcake
Review by Kurt Morris
The photographs in Barred for Life are well-done and intriguing. The decision to focus on the individual over the tattoo was key in the success of Barred for Life. It shows that the book is about more than just the tattoo; it’s about how The Bars has affected so many people… The interviews are great. I learned things about the band and the lives of the individuals outside the band, as well as their thoughts on Black Flag all these years later. This book is definitely recommended for fans of Black Flag as well as those interested in punk rock tattoos.
Read the full review and more new reviews HERE.
Stephanie McMillan Awarded Best Political Rabble-Rouser by the New Times Broward-Palm Beach
When Stephanie McMillan’s not penning award-winning political cartoons and polemics, she’s brainstorming better protest and resistance strategies, speaking on panels like “Comics and Social Change” at conventions, writing essays, and standing up to authority whenever the struggle calls. Maybe your heart doesn’t pump revolutionary blood yet, but check out her work and it will.
Read the article HERE and see Stephanie’s PM releases HERE.
Towards Collective Liberation on Earth First! Newswire
Review and Interview by Sasha
The concept of collective liberation, gleaned initially from radical scholar bell hooks, connotes a struggle lodged deep in the tradition of liberation movements. Author Chris Crass insists, “we need liberation movements of millions of people, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life, with a wide range of experience, playing many different roles.” For liberation movements to connect at crucial strategic and ideological intersections, activists must overcome the problem by which “processes of inclusions and exclusions are reproduced in our organizing.” The message of Towards Collective Liberation is that love, openness, and patient determination will prevail. It is an imperative lesson for everyone.
Read the full review and author interview HERE
Maroon the Implacable on
Review by Thomas Ponniah
There is only one political prisoner in the United States who openly identifies as a feminist and ecosocialist. His name is Russell Maroon Shoatz. A book of his essays, Maroon the Implacable edited by Fred Ho and Quincy Saul, was recently published by PM Press in conjunction with the group Ecosocialist Horizons. The book gathers his powerful insights on political prisoners, the Black liberation struggle, feminism, the Occupy movement, the question of violence, ecosocialism, and organizational methods. Ecologists, feminists, and socialists should read this book and rally to its author’s cause.

Read the full review HERE.
Staughton Lynd on WritersCast
Interview by David Wilk
For me and for many others who came of age politically in the mid-to-late sixties, Staughton Lynd was an important figure. Accompanying is a short book, but extremely focused and coherent. Lynd contrasts the hierarchical “organizing” efforts of the sixties civil rights and antiwar movements with the concept of “accompaniment” wherein organizers listen to their colleagues rather than instructing them. Anyone interested in social change in the modern world should read this book and attend to its simple and powerful precepts.
Listen to the interview HERE
Asia’s Unknown Uprisings Volume 1 in Socialism & Democracy  
Review by Michael Munk
George Katsiaficas, the prolific student of mass movements, offers an ambitious and well documented study of modern South Korean social movements. The central question he poses is to what extent they arise spontaneously from masses of “ordinary” people… The highlight of the book is its intimate and detailed analysis of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. “Historically speaking,” he writes, “the Gwangju People’s Uprising of 1980 is the pivotal moment around which dictatorship was transformed into democracy.”
Read the full review HERE.

PM Recommends 
Kickstarter for Futures, A Novel by John Barker
It’s 1987. A hurricane and stock market crash bring the world of finance capital, corrupt cops, cocaine, and a single mum in collision…

Over the years, in between other projects, John Barker (activist with the Angry Brigade and author of the prison memoir Bending the Bars) has been working on the novel Futures. The manuscript has undergone several revisions and has already been published to enthusiastic reviews in French (Grasset) and German (DuMont). The striking similarities with the present financial crisis have prompted John and PM Press to get it published in English. We’re now raising money to publish Futures in a range of formats. See more about the book, the author, and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

Upcoming Events 
North American Conference for Critical Animal Studies (Minneapolis),
June 20-22
Critical animal studies is a field that promotes total liberation and explores the ways in which oppression intersects amongst human animals, nonhuman animals, and the environment. This year’s special theme is Breaking the Silence on Global and Local Intersections of Ethnicity, Spirituality, and Nonhuman Animals. Check out the PM booth at the conference.

See event details HERE.

Allied Media Conference (Detroit), June 20-23
The Allied Media Conference is a laboratory for creativity and media-based solutions. Held every summer in Detroit, the AMC unites the worlds of media and communications, technology, education and social justice.
See event details HERE.
Barred for Life Book Release Party at Bowery Electric (NYC), June 23 
Join author Stewart Ebersole, Black Flag’s Dez Cadena, and countless NYHC legends performing the songs of Black Flag at this one-time special show. And yes, if you purchase a book at the event you will be entered to win a FREE Black Flag bars tattoo at NYHC Tattoo.

See event details HERE.
coloring books
Make Your Own Coloring Book Workshop (Madison), June 25 
Join Jacinta Bunnell & Julie Novak, authors of Girls Are Not Chicks Coloring Book. They will be hosting a salon-type make-your-own coloring book workshop at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative.

See event details HERE.
New Taboos Book Release Party at The Green Arcade (San Francisco), June 27  
Join PM Press Outspoken Authors at The Green Arcade in San Francisco for an evening with John Shirley and Terry Bisson to celebrate John’s new book, hot off the presses, New Taboos.

See event details HERE.
  Bicycle! Book Release Party (Milwaukee), July 6

Join Sam Tracy for a book talk and Q&A session for Bicycle! A Repair & Maintenance Manifesto at the Boswell Book Company. Bring your bike!

See event details HERE.
For more events click here.
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