Will Dresser Author- ‘Wes Franklin’ International Thrillers

       ‘Wes Franklin’ International Thrillers 

      by Will Dresser 


      Cloaked in the guise of a terrorist act, a father takes revenge for the senseless and brutal death of his son

      Following a series of deaths around the world from seemingly “natural causes,” the Special Assistant to the Minister President of The Netherlands, Frans Roobeek, recognizes a special link between the list of victims and his American friend, Wes Franklin … all are members of a secret intelligence network- The Cloister of Akhanaten, or Ankh Network- and Wes may soon become the next member to meet his end by “natural causes”!

      Wes Franklin emerges from the jungles of Columbia with his technology-savvy girl friend, Ashley Jordan, and his weapons expert and Persian strongman, Aryana, to investigate the deaths.  Together, they chase down clues from Holland, Scotland, and Damascus to uncover and foil a diabolical plot to launch an unprecedneted wave of terror somewhere in Europe. 


      “God, I never knew a man who wanted so much to be dead … or deserved it more.” 

      President Treem, an idealist young president, is determined to change the nuclear face of the world by unilateral example.  Vice President George S. Austin, an old-school war hero, is convince these new policies are both naive and dangerous.  Secretary of State Cradall Forsyth, fearing the Vice President is about to take drastic steps to subvert the President’s neclear agaenda, and uncertain how deep the Vice President’s conspiracy runs, turns to one man outside the government he can trust- his long-time friend Wes Franklin, a member of an independent international intelligence group known as THE ANKH NETWORK. 

      Into this central plot steps Jared Kennan Cain, a man with a perfect genetic structure who appears to be immortal.  Cain has escaped from The Genetic Discovery Corporation, a Palo Alto-bassed secret government organization tasked with developing biological weapons systems.  Two years of experiements to study Cain’s unique system have been documented in a file labeled THE METHUSELAH MAN.  Could he be the ultimate weapon? 


      Fully in command of her body, it was apparent she owned the stage.  With the first few honeyed tones of her voice, she would own the world.

      Under the management and direction of Dima Gregorovich, the Russian rock ‘n’ roll band REVOLVER has become the biggest international sensation since THE BEATLES.  But when people associated with the band start turning up dead during their first-ever US Tour, their extraordinary success may all come to an early end! 

      From the beautiful blue waters of the Cayman Islands to the dangerous Russian streets of Minusinsk, Siberia, Wes, A.J., and Aryana, risk their lives to unravel a web of deception, expose secret identities and bring an end to a deadly sbterfuge that threatens to turn the band into TERMINAL ROCK! 


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