Cathy Benedetto Author- THE KING OF THE FELS


      by Cathy Benedetto

      Latigo is under siege, travel mirrors are lost, lovers have been torn apart by the ravages of war, and the king of the Fels is dying. 

      These are the challenges that Tahjeen Tier, leader of the Shata, contends with as he confronts the King of the Fels to find out why he must sacrifice his own people to save the Sandatese.  Is there something special about these particular humans?

      While Tahjeen demands answers, the Surmese invaders are poised to launch ther own final two battles … one in the heartland’s frontier, home of the fels, and the other at Latigo, the capital of Palaton. 

      As humans and Shata gather for the final battle, Tahjeen learns the truth about his unborn son.

      Title: THE KING OF THE FELS 

      Series: The Shata Trilogy, Book 3 

       Author: Cathy Benedetto 

      Price:  $15.95 

      ISBN:  978-1-61318-139-3


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