James Boschert Author- ASSASSINS OF ALAMUT


      by James Boschert

      An Epic Novel of Persia and Palestine in the Time of the Crusades.  The ASSASSINS OF ALAMUT is a riveting tale, painted on the vast canvas of life in Palestine and Persia during the 12 Century.  On the one hand it is a tale of the crusades … as told from the Islamic side … where Shia and Sunni are as intent on killing Ismaili Muslems as they are the crusaders.  In self defense the Ismaili develop an elite band of killers (Assassins) in the castle of Alamut deep within the northern mountains of Persia … but is also the story of a young Frank who is captured and made to become one of them.  It is a story of love for a Princess, sinister plots and treachery.  Escape and hardship; in the frozen wastes of the great plateau and final revenge.  It is a sweeping saga that carries the reader over vast snow covered mountains to fabulous cities like Hamadan and Isfahan. 

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