Steven W. Horn Author- ANOTHER MAN’S LIFE


      by Steven W. Horn

      Eden Cain will end his life when the sun reaches the top of the barn door.  He is spending his final forty-five minutes recalling the seemingly disparate events that chronicle his often awkward relationship with Elizabeth, the love of his life.  Eden will relive the intensely abhorrent drama of war that changed him forever and experience the reality of a clandestine government effort designed to silence him permanently.  His involvement will unravel the deceptive life he has creatived as atonement for his crimes.  The guilt of wartime atrocities more than thirty years earilier haunts him daily: visions entwined with reality that threaten to expose the cancerous stains of his past and reveal to Elizabeth a secret so dark that death is his only option. 

      Steven W. Horn draws upon an eclectic array of career experiences in crafting his stories.  From high-ranking political appointee and international diplomat to the highest level of academic achievement, his unique background provides grist for the writing mill.  A decorated Vietnam veteran and award winning scholar, Horn writes from experience.  He lives in the mountains of Wyoming. 


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