Janna Olsen Spratt Author- A PATH THROUGH


      by Janna Olsen Spratt 

      This story is a tribute to the faithfulness of God.  The God thread weaves through everything from the car accident that we walked away from which totalled the car to the last chapter of finding purpose in the pain of being alone.  He promised that as we passed through the rivers of uncertainty, the valley of weeping and the fiery trials, He would be with us.  He promised that all things would work out for the good. 

      This is a story of overcoming childhood poverty, early marriage, divorce and finding love a second time around.  It’s a story of parent’s tenacity in prayer for a wayward child and of holding on to faith when a seventeen year old grandson dies suddenly at school. 

      Filled with hope, this story is one of triumph over every tragedy. 

      ISBN13 Hardcover 978-1-4691-9847-7

      ISBN13 Softcover 978-1-4691-9846-0

      ISBN13 Ebook 978-1-4691-9848-4

      Published by Xlibris

      call 888-795-4274 ext 7879, or order online at www.xlibris.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, or www.amazon.com

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