Mattie Lennon Irish Poet- THE NOBBER HARE (Air: The Hills of Granemor)


by  Mattie Lennon

(Air; The Hills of Granemore)

With my hounds I have hunted this island all o’er,

Together we culled rabbit, stag and wild boer.

But of all the great quarries there was none to compare

With that beast above Navan; the giant Nobber hare.

All the creatures in Ireland of legend and myth,

Were trailing behind him in height, length and width.

The great Irish Elk would look up in despair

If confronted in combat by the giant Nobber hare.

Cucullen, in Ulster, his camán he did wield.

The goal was in Derry and Athlone centre-field.

The game he abandoned on the plains of Kildare,

When his sliother was eaten by the giant Nobber hare.

Sean Boylan a potion made up for his team

And the next day in Croker they played like a dream.

But the referee favoured the Dubs (‘twas unfair)

Until he was threatened with the giant Nobber hare.

Then a Northside sharp-shooter came into the frame;

From a forty mile distance he took careful aim.

And now, if you’re out after dark, just beware

For the ghost is abroad of the giant Nobber hare.

© Mattie Lennon 2007

Mattie Lennon-

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