R.M Vassari & Lucia Olivia Lampe Authors- MURDER AT THE LEOPARD


Book One  The Vespers Trilogy

by R. M. Vassari & Olivia Lampe

Now an e-book at Amazon.com

Learn more at http://www.Murder-at-the-Leopard.com

Sicily, the largest and richest Mediterranean island, a crossroads of traders, Crusaders, conquerors and pilgrims, and a political prize for popes and kings.

In 1281, pilgrims, tradesmen, country folk and crowd Palermo for Holy Week when two murders occur at the Leopard, a neighborhood tavern operated by Amodeus and his sassy wife, Ysabella.  Incomprehensibly, Amodeus becomes the prime suspect.  As simmering political tensions threaten to plunge the island into war.  Ysabella must find the killer before her husband hangs.

“As someone who likes to get their history by plunging into a fictional story set in a real historical background … MURDER AT THE LEOPARD … FASCINATING … I look forward to the sequels.”- Frances McNamera, author of DEATH AT THE FAIR, DEATH AT HULL HOUSE, DEATH AT PULLMAN and DEATH AT WOODS HOLE.

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