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Erin Quinn Author- THE MISTS OF IRELAND Series


by Erin Quinn



Mists of Ireland, Book 1

Caught between realms, neither dead or alive.  Her life is about to change.  His is about to begin.

Available now: ISBN0425243737


Mists of Ireland, Book 2

He’s trapped in a web of time, bound to the woman of his dreams.  She captures his heart but he must fight to save their future.

Available now: ISBN0425246639


Mists of Ireland, Book 3

In a world gone wrong, the only way to save everything he values is to sacrifice the one woman he was meant to love.

Available now: ISBN0425238954


Mists of Ireland, Book 4

Nothing can stop him from finding the woman who betrayed and imprisoned him for millennia.  Nothing but his heart.

Available now.  ISBN0425243133

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Terry Ambrose Author- LICENSE TO LIE


by Terry Ambrose

License to Lie by Terry Ambrose

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    Never trust a soul—even your own. Two experts in the art of communications. Both are driven by their goals—and they’re on opposite sides of the law. But, when her father is kidnapped, they join forces—and learn that with $5,000,000 and their lives on the line, it’s hard to trust each other—or themselves.

    Book Reviews: “License to Lie, set in San Diego, puts some nice new pavement down on the road to structuring the ultimate mystery novel. Author Terry Ambrose pits a PI and a scam artist against both each other and a crew of kidnappers. The author cranks up a festival of back and forth action, telling investigator Skip Cosgrove’s story in third person and alternating chapters with Roxy, the scam artist, speaking for herself in first person.

    A detail oriented writer, Ambrose also crafts an intricate series of plot turns and reversals, employing well realized dramatic action in a realist’s world, where human nature runs not in the red or the black, but, rather, in the gray, and where information technology is key to doing anything well, especially crime and criminal investigation.

    Parallel lines of action and the author’s knowledge of technology are especially well realized in two scenes where the investigator, Skip Cosgrove, cracks a computer while scam artist Roxy Tanner cracks a hard disk. Containing both humor and terror, License to Lie brings the reader along in quick time and I missed Roxy and Skip by the time it was all over–but by that time, not to give the story away completely, they had found each other.” By Clark Lohr

    “License to Lie is fast and well written, almost sure to satisfy discerning readers of thrillers.  There’s a verve to Ambrose’s language and the story moves with assurance, defying easy predictions.  Bravo to this writer.  I hope there’s more to come.” — T. Jefferson Parker, Author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

    “Fast-paced, unpredictable, and a lot of fun–no one is who they seem in this smart and twisty tale of high finance and double dealing. This unlikely and irresistible crime-fighting duo will charm you–and keep you happily turning the pages.” — Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha and Macavity award-


    Taken from the

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