by Arthur Kerns

Arthur Kerns’ debut novel, THE RIVIERA CONTRACT, was released by Diversion Books in March.  It features “Murder, Intrigue, and Romance on the French Riviera.”  Six months after the World Trade Center attack, Hayden Stone, a retired FBI agent, is working as an independent contractor for the CIA.  On his last assignment to Afghanistan a friend is killed and he blames himself for his death.  A colleague in the upper ranks of the CIA offers him an assignment to the South of France.  Stone accepts, thinking this exactly what he needs to get his life back on even keel: French wine, sun cuisine, and the French Riviera.  Well, he’s in for a surprise.  He has little time for French ambiance, as he becomes a target of terrorists, learns of a determined killer who wants to spread the Ebola virus in major US cities, and meets up with a former lover.  Meanwhile, a seriously ill al Qaeda functionary is in the South of France seeking medical attention.  A number of people want this man dead or alive, including the CIA and the French.  Stone certainly has his hands full.

Award-winning authors Sheldon Siegel, Kirk Russell, and D.P. Lyle have already provided great recommendations.  Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble offers THE RIVIERA CONTRACT in ebook format.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 2  April/May 2013

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  1. Thanks for passing on the announcement of my debut novel. Sites like yours are quite helpful for new authors seeking readers.
    Thanks again.

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