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Isaac Kirkman & Jamez Chang Poets- Five Poems Published in MENANCING HEDGE, Spring 2013 & Amazing Art and Photography by Erie Chang

     Five Poems Published in MENANCING HEDGE, Spring 2013

      by Isaac Kirkman & Jamez Chang   

      Isaac Kirkman and Jamez Chang just had five poems  published in MENACING HEDGE, Spring 2013.
 The direct link to our 5 poems in Menacing Hedge, Spring 2013 is here.
 The link to the blog post with amazing original art and photography is here.
Here’s the post on Jamez’s facebook page:
Hoops up! Collaboration is the new Pink. I interviewed Isaac Kirkman back in February, and we proposed a challenge to readers: 20 comments/100 shares and we’d get together to write some poetry, prose. You guys supported us, and so we reached the century mark—in less than 24 hrs! We just got that work published in Menacing Hedge, and we feel like jumping for joy–or just tipping a fedora. Please check out the lyrical stylingz & audio recordings of Kirkman & Chang/Chang & Kirkman/Jamez and….Oh, don’t be a fence-sitter: there’s Hedge to inhale 🙂
And here’s Isaac Kirkman’s facebook post:
Like atoms coming together to form new elemental structures, community and collaboration is a magical thing to me. Back in February at the end of my interview with Jamez it was stated if we reached 20 comments and 100 shares we would collab on a piece. The words and ideas Hadron collided together, and as usual he made magic out of my mayhem, and art was made.

The two collab pieces are about Jeremy Lin, a very spiritual, and groundbreaking Chinese-American basketball player who took the NBA by storm last year. The third was a poem about my brother Joshua Alva Josh Kirkman, called Alva’s Wings, that Jamez at the buzzer helped to really sharpen and bring into focus. They’re topped off with two solo poems from Jamez. I feel very honored that my name will be connected to a cat like Jamez creatively forever, and that two cats from different branches of the Writers Studio could come together and make art. It’s been fun.

Erie Chang blessed us with her artwork, whose graphic vision really set the emotional tone of the project. On top of Menacing Hedge amazing design, are voice recordings done by Jamez and I of each poem. (His vocal acrobatics are must listen.) and Kelly Boyker Guillemette was such a great editor, who supported our collaborative vision. In the end it was a great process to be a part of! Cheers!


Jamez Chang




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The Society of Southwestern Authors- April 21, 2013 Forum Host Donna Young EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK


a presentation by Donna Young at The Society of Southwestern Authors’ April 21, 2013 Writer’s Forum

Everyone these days is talking about Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In, but do you feel like you have no idea what they’re talking about?  Or do you have a Facebook page, and wish you could use it to build your readership?  Donna Young will discuss everything from the pros and cons of each social media outlet, to how to make it all work for you.  She will cover how to set up Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter pages and how to upload photos, links, and videos.  How to set up privacy options, settings, business pages, tips for getting your page noticed and building your platform will also be covered.  In addition, Donna will demonstrate how to access both of SSA’s pages, and how to utilize them for your benefit.

Donna is a Social Media addict.  She is the administrator for three pages on Facebook: the Society of Southwestern Authors page, the Wrangling with Writing page, and the 2012 Wrangling With Writing Conferences, and also taught a workshop at the 2010 WWW Conference on Social Media.  She is the author to books, DEFINING GOAN IDENTITY (May 2009) and MIRROR TO GOA (January 2010)  She also has published an article titled “Author Speak: A Sting of Peppercorns,” in the NAVHIND TIMES, in Goa, India. (Oct. 14, 2012)

Forums are now at the Tucson City Center Innsuites Resort  (Granda & Saint Mary’s Tucson, Arizona) 11:00 am-2 pm, every third Sunday

Please R.S.V.P by WEDNESDAY before the Forum

546-9382 or ssabrunches@gmail.com

$25 w/registration- $30 at the door – includes lunch & speaker

(No Credit Cards)

Taken from The Write Word, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 2  April/May 2012

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