Laurie Stevens Author- THE DARK BEFORE DAWN


by Laurie Stevens

Best 2011 Kirkus Reviews/ Indie   Recipiet of the Kirkus Star of Merit

“Memorable characters, macabre scenes and a dazzling portrayal of reality will leave readers anxious for book two in the Gabriel McCray series.”

“Stevens sets the stage for graphic sensory details and a fast-paced, tantalizing mystery that utilizes her passion and research in forensics and psychology.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will relate to the San Francisco and Los Angeles settings, and Stevens’ allusions to “Cask of Amontillado” and Frankenstein craft a story immersed in theater, disguise and secrecy.”- Kirkus Reviews

Grisly murders are taking place high in the Santa Monica Mountains.  On each of the victim’s bodies is a note left for the L.A. Sheriff detective, Gabriel McRay.  The killer’s identity is locked in the suppressed memory of a horrifying trauma from Gabriel’s own childhood.  Teamed with his forensic pathologist girlfriend and his psychiatrist, Gabriel runs two parallel investigations, the first: a dark journey into the terrifying recollections of his past and second; the hunt for a serial killer who seems to know more about Gabriel than he knows himself.

Set in Southern California, Stevens paints a very real picture of both the beauty of the land and the grittiness of some of its inhabitants.

Stevens sends the reader on a quest to understand the emotional triggers in a person’s psyche who has lived through serious trauma.

What is the defining point when people living through similar adversity take diametrically opposite paths in life?  This question has led her to create a series of novels that deal with the good and evil within a human being.

The Gabriel McRay Series DEEP INTO DUSK Coming Soon


“I am a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright.  I’ve written for television, film and my stage play, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, ran for eight weeks in Los Angeles.”

“I’m proud to offer my new novel, THE DARK BEFORE DAWN, which is the first in a psycho-thriller/detective series based in Los Angels.  Psychology and forensics interest me immensely so the book is rich with both.”

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