Rebecca L. Boschee Author- ZOMBIES FOR BREAKFAST


by Rebecca L. Boschee


Genre: paranormal romance

Pages: 241

Publisher: Rebecca L. Boschee

Release date: April 17, 2012

Format: eBook

Price: $2.99

Available on-line: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple

Brief synopsis: Payson is a pharmacist with a penchant for the underdog.  Sean is the underdog who tries to rob her of prescription sleeping meds but winds up warding off another thief instead.  Before Payson can’t decide whether to thank Sean for the unexpected heroics and turn him in for attempted robbery, she learns a disturbing truth: chivalry may not be dead, but Sean is.

Sean has more than a little trouble adjusting to the lifestyle of a zombie.  Payson never suspects by helping him, she’ll become an accidental celebrity to an entire neurotic zombie community.  But the community’s underground drug supplier doesn’t like Payson’s cures cutting in on his business.  She’s soon faced with a fate worst than death, and Sean risks loving the only girl who makes him feel alive again.


“Rebecca has written a fabulous funny book with great characters and some awesome plot on the side.  Read it!” – Amazon customer, April 2012

“Rebecca Baschee manages to create such a realistic world – and included so many hilarious details – that I loved it from beginning to end.”- Amazon customer, April 2012

Other praise for Rebecca:

“a snappy hole-in-one romantic comedy” for MULLIGAN GIRL – Publishers Weekly, December 2010

“a sweet, fresh-faced story that will appeal to readers looking for a gentle romance.” for MULLIGAN GIRL – Booklist, January 1, 2010

“Boschee has aptly and exquisitely detailed life behind the scenes at one of those all-inclusive family resorts.” for LAST RESORT – Romance Reviews Today, August 2011

In addition to ZOMBIES FOR BREAKFAST, Rebecca is the author of two contemporary romances, MULLIGAN GIRL (2010) and LAST RESORT (2011), all set partially in Arizona.  Born with an appreciation for the ridiculous and a passion for no-quite-human characters, Rebecca is an avid reader and writer of paranormal romance.  She also writes young adult fiction under the name Becca Leone.  Find Rebecca at

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