by Dr. Erik Eriksson

Dr. Erik Eriksson, British author of BEETHOVEN’S TENTH SYMPHONY, is pleased to announce that his second historical mystery novel and love story, SHAKESPEARE AND THE GOD VIRUS will be released by Tate Publishing Oct. 2013.

A Quote from the Book

“Ladies and Gentlemen, most of you have read in the newspapers about my misspeaking whiles playing the part of Hamlet.  You can imagine how disturbing this has been for me and my family.  What you could have to know is that is just before the misspeakings occurred, I would sense the presence of Shakespeare, as if he was standing by my side speaking his words to me.  I therefore resolved to confront this head on, and here we are.”

At this point everybody got up to clap and show their support for his courage and determination.

“Thank you, thank you.  My intention tonight is to recited, in front of you all, some of Shakespeare’s sonnets as well as several of the well known speeches or soliloquies from his plays, including of course Hamlet.  I cannot be sure what’s going to happen; hopefully all will be as Shakespeare intended.”

Dame Elizabeth was listening very carefully to Sir Edward (ten rows back from the front), when she found herself wondering if the misspeaks could have been as Shakespeare intended.  Elizabeth recalled Schiller’s comment:

‘what seems to us like merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny.’

Where is it going, she wondered?  Then, she remembered what Sir. Edward must know from playing Hamlet:

‘… there’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.’

Everybody was quiet as Edward began his recital.  There was an air of watching Daniel going into the lion’s den, without knowing if God was on his side.”

SHAKESPEARE AND THE GOD VIRUS will be available through bookstores nationwide, from the Publisher at http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore, or by visiting barnesandnoble.com or amazon.com.

The Author

Dr. Eriksson grew up in a musical family in Sussex, England.  He graduated in Physics and Mathematics and was awarded a PhD. in Biophysics from Imperial College in London after which he carried out medical and dental research on bone with Professorships at several universities.  He subsequently studied counseling and theology before being ordained.

He currently tutors private students in English, French, Mathematics and Physics, and is researching noticeable cases of spiritual enlightenment which can be seen at http://www.thewayofapilgrim.net.  His popular blog on “Positive Thinking for a Better Life” can be found at http://www.erikeriksson.net.

For more information contact Tate Publishing at (888)361-9473 after October 2013, or e-mail Dr. Eriksson at theartofhealthyliving@rogers.com.

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