Barbara Sattler Author- DOG DAYS


by Barbara Sattler

DOG DAYS explores relationships between men and women, mother-daughter, friends, and dog and humans.  It is a time of crisis for Kristin White.  Twenty-five year old Kristin is released from prison after doing time for a crime she didn’t commit.  Kristin is involved with two men.  Self-centered Josh who lets her take the rap for his drug deal, and Kelly, a good but judgmental man she meets while on parole.  Written by a former criminal defense attorney and Superior court Judge, DOG DAYS follows Kristin’s journey through the criminal justice system from arrest through sentencing with a focus on her relationship with her lawyer and cell mate.  On parole Kristin struggles to find employment.  She is finally hired by Sara, a psychic and dog communicator who owns The Dignified Dog, a dog training and day care business.  There she meets Samantha, a smart, sensitive black lab and Theordore, a brown dog of mixed parentage who thinks with his stomach.  They help Kristin learn about loyalty and compassion.  With the help of Sara, her co-workers and various canines, Kristin starts to grow up and find out what matters in life.  Kristin’s growth is tested when Josh once again causes a terrible event in Kristin’s life.

About the Author

Criminal justice and dogs, Barbara Sattler’s passions, come together in her first novel.  She is a retired criminal defense lawyer and Superior Court Judge who spent 30 years in the courts.  She is working on her second novel about a public defender who faces an ethical dilemma in the middle of a high profile murder case.  Barbara lives with her husband, a retired law professor, and Toby and Teddy, two of the many dogs, who have enriched her life and her books.

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 4, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10 1477664963

ISBN-13 978-1477664964

Kindle Edition – $9.99

Paperback – $9.99

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