C. Michael Bennis Author- RULES OF ENGAGEMENT


by C. Michael Bennis

A torrid summer romance between a Parisian debutant and a Boulder, Colorado grad ends in heartbreak until they meet twenty-two years later for a final chance to reignite an unforgettable love.

Unrestrained passions and exotic locales are key elements in RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, a savvy debut by C. Michael Bennis.  With a pitch perfect prose and unforgettably naughty characters, new romance author Bennis offers a winning combination that tells of the underbelly of the advertising world and the softest sides of true love.  In the summer of 1964, two college graduates meet in a London club.  While their attraction is palpable, Nicole is engaged to the premier’s son and is Parisian aristocracy; dutiful to a fault she can’t help but fall headfirst for Alex, a Colorado native who is a little rough around the edges.  As they decide the course of their affair, Nicole comes up with the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.  Over the next nine days they agree not to fall in love and not to reveal their identities.  Reunited by chance over two decades later, the magic is still there.  One is married, one is not … both will begin to understand that love and passion endures despite time, circumstance, and reason.

“Bennis tempts and tantalizes … this narrative has enough twists and turns to satisfy a mystery lover, and the characters are endearing.” – Kirkus Discoveries


C. Michael Bennis is a toy and advertising industry executive.  Bennis attended Universidad Complutense in Madrid and later graduated from the University of Colorado.  Bennis was a member of the 1961 Big 8 Champion football team and the 1962 Orange Bowl squad.  Bennis also graduated from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.  He is bilingual in English and English and lives in Arizona.  RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is his first book.

E-mail:  c.michael.bennis@gmail.com

Web: http://www.cmichaelbennis.com



C. Michael Bennis

Suggest Retail Price: $18.99

Trim size: 6″x9″

Page Count: 258

ISBN: 143924835

ISBN-13: 9781439245835

Fiction   Romance   Contemporary

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