Terry Ambrose Author- Mysteries with Character PHOTO FINISH & LICENSE TO LIE

PHOTO FINISH A McKenna Mystery

by Terry Ambrose

“Toss together a bit of Hawaiian voodoo, a con artist on the trail of a big score, and a wise ass hero who can’t resist getting involved.  Mix with wit.  Add a touch of sarcasm and you have Terry Ambrose’s PHOTO FINISH … a mystery as refreshing as a visit to the islands themselves.”- Deborah Coonts, author of SO DAMN LUCKY, the latest in the Lucky O’Toole Vegas Adventure Series


by Terry Ambrose

Never trust a soul … even your man.

“LICENSE TO LIE is fast and well written, almost sure to satisfy discerning readers of thrillers.  There is a verve to Ambrose’s language and the story moves with assurance, defying easy predictions.  Bravo to this writer.  I hope there’s more to come.”- T Jefferson Parker, Author of THE JUGUAR and THE BORDER LORDS

PHOTO FINISH & LICENSE TO LIE .  available now

Learn more about Terry’s novels and articles about real-life scams and cons on his website.


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