Annis Gregory Aleck Author- ALMOST A BORN LOSER!


by Annis Gregory Aleck

This book follows the engaging memoir of the author as he faces life as a Canadian-Indian and as a man whose wisdom is beyond his years.  The author narrates how Canada also tried to exterminate the Indians just like the USA attempted to destroy its native population, using subtle methods like diseases, starvation, Residential Schools and oppression.  When the indigenous people tried to succeed independently to achieve progress for their society, the government hindered them and many Canadians would not employ them or treat them well when they were hired.  Canada kept the facts hidden by concealing and distorting the truth.  However, when the evidence became exposed there were denials, cover-ups and deceptive testimonies.  In this blunt and honest autobiography, Aleck will reveal these issues and how the Canadian-Indians have to struggle daily against overwhelming odds to accomplish and succeed in their lives, nevertheless are prevented to work to their full potential.

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About the Author

Annis Gregory Aleck is a Canadian-Indian, born in 1955, the first generation after the Residential Schools.  Years of his family using him as the ‘scapegoat’ made his home life difficult.  He grew up in the middle of town so he did not feel different from his environment.  When he finished high school in 1973, he wanted to gain a career immediately so that he might move away from his problematic family and progress forward with his own life.  Unfortunately, the government was still trying to impede the Indians from attaining advancement and he was still being deterred by the negativity of his family’s dysfunctional behavior.  He managed to acquire a career despite these harsh circumstances and applied what he learned about life by enduring the difficult times and transforming his experiences to ‘help the Indian community help themselves.”  Out of those tribulations came the creating of something great … his story.

Xlibris- November 2012 – 679 pages

ISBN: 6×9 Paperbook 978-1-4568-6509-2

eBook 978-1-4568-4403-5

Suggested Retail Price:

$23.99 Paperback

$9.99 eBook

1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200

Bloomington, In 47403

Toll-free: 1-888-795-4274



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