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Amanda L. Knauss Author- SNARING NIGHT Book One of The Scar Trilogy

SNARING NIGHT  Book One of The Scar Trilogy

by Amanda L. Knauss

Amanda is a young writer from the mountains east of Phoenix Arizona.  She grew up in a small copper mining community where imagination goes in hand with great entertainment.  Amanda has always exhibited a strong love for reading, writing and the unexpected.  She aspires to bring some excitement and adventure to you in this story of mayhem as it crosses the globe.


Young author publishes first book

Holly Sow/ Arizona Silver Belt
Globe High School student Amanda Knauss holds up her recently published book, “Snaring Night.”

Globe — Amanda Knauss is just 16 years old, attending Globe High School, but has already made a name for herself by publishing her first book. “Snaring Night,” the first book of what will become The Scar Trilogy, tells the story of a girl who grew up on the street as the result of what Amanda describes as “a mishap in childhood.”

For the complete article see the 02-20-2013 issue. Taken from The Arizona Silver Belt

298 N. Pine St., Globe, AZ 85501 • Ph: 928-425-7121 • Fax: 928-425-7001

Click here to purchase an electronic version of the 02-20-2013 paper.


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Jeffrey T. Babcock Author- SHOULD I NOT RETURN


by Jeffrey T. Babcock

North American Mountaineering’s Worst Climbing Disaster!

Cost: $19.95 + postage & handling

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    Should I Not Return

    Should I Not Return is the story of a young east coast climber, who joins his brother in Alaska to climb Mount McKinley. What set their climb apart from those before it, and even those afterward, was a disaster of such magnitude that it became know as North America’s worst mountaineering tragedy.

    Should I Not Return

  • Mountaineering Club of Alaska

    The Upper slopes of Denali, showing the early Pioneer Routes of 1910, 1912, 1913, and the 17,900-foot high camp of both the Wilcox and MCA teams. (Photo Credit: Bradford Washburn, courtesy of the Decaneas Archive, and Betsy Washburn Cabot.)

    Mountaineering Club of Alaska

  • Ascenders

    “The author is shown above using the ascending devices called ‘jumars’ used by climbers for climbing up a rope. In this case the author is slowly climbing upward from the depths of a deep crevasse on the Eklutna Glacier.”


  • “The Fake Peak”

    “Frederick A. Cook’s photo of blacksmith Ed Barrill standing atop a peak claimed by Dr. Cook to be the actual summit of Mt. McKinley. In fact, this photo was taken of a peak nearly twenty miles from the true summit of Denali. Barrill’s classic remark to Belmore Browne as they walked the beach at Seldovia convinced Browne that something was awry. “I can tell you all about the big peaks just south of the mountain, but if you want to know about McKinley, go and ask Cook.”

    “The Fake Peak”

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by Colonel (Ret.) Ben L. Walton

About the Book

Great Black War Fighters: Profiles in Service sets a precedent. No other book has ever been written to meet three documented and validated needs.

One, to inform readers of the phenomenal achievements and remarkable contributions made to the defense and national security of the United States by African-American admirals and generals since President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981 on July 26, 1948, abolishing segregation in the nation’s armed forces.

Two, to captivate, enlighten, and inspire students in training programs such as ROTC, the service academies, and OCS, who upon graduation, will be commissioned as officers in the military. Furthermore, it creates a resource for personnel on active duty or serving in the reserves to read how a group of black officers reached the pinnacle of their career, and doing it against enormous odds.

Three, to produce a collectible, gift or keepsake for former service members, their loved ones and friends, so they can all take pride and be moved by the life stories in this book.

Great Black War Fighters chronicles 29 black flag officers from among the 250 researched for the work.

Watch the Video Trailer

View the Press Release

About the Author

Ben L. Walton, a retired U.S. Army colonel, now a freelance writer and motivational speaker, resides in Centennial, Colorado with his wife, Ruth.

Email: bwalt27789@peoplepe.com

Website: http://sbpra.com/benlwalton

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