THE WRITERS STUDIO- Reading at Geenwich House Music School & Writing Courses

THE WRITERS STUDIO- Reading at Geenwich House Music School & Writing Courses
“Celebrating 26 years of helping writers reach their potential”

>> JOIN US FOR A READING ON SATURDAY, MARCH 16 (7 p.m.): Faculty members and master class students LISA BELLAMY, SYLVIE BERTRAND, DORIS CHENG, and MICHELE HERMAN will read at Greenwich House Music School, located at 46 Barrow Street (Between 7th avenue & Bedford Street) in NYC. For those of you who do not know us, this is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what The Writers Studio is all about. 

$5 suggested donation. For more details.

>> “ONE OF THE THINGS I RESPECT ABOUT THE WRITERS STUDIO METHOD IS THAT IT INSPIRES STUDENTS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH BEAUTIFUL WRITING. The writing prompts that I give are based on short excerpts from some of the best contemporary writing; our discussions of the techniques that make these excerpts so successful, so moving to us as readers, are practical and richly specific about how the craft in each piece works. I guide my students to be just as connected and skillful in their own writing” — Rebecca Gee’s NYC Level I begins March 12 and March 27. 


>> NYC Level I, taught by Eliot Satsky, begins Monday, March 18
>> NYC Level I, taught by Therese Eiben, begins Tuesday, March 19

>>  “I ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO LET GO OF THEIR IDEAS ABOUT SUCCESS AND FAILURE,  and to give themselves over instead to the exploration of craft and their own process. I believe that craft is the vessel that will take writers furthest. That, plus a sense of humor.” Rachael Nevins’ Online Level I begins March 19.

>> Online Level I, taught by Michele Herman, begins Monday, March 18
>> Online Level I, taught by Whitney Porter, begins Thursday, March 28

>> “WHAT REALLY STOOD OUT TO ME WAS HOW LUCKY I AM TO HAVE YOU AS AN INSTRUCTOR — and to have such a supportive group as the one we’ve had this term! You always emphasize and try to build on what people are doing right, whether in their exercises or in their comments in class–but at the same time know who much to press to move someone forward.” — A student in Lisa Bellamy’s Advanced Poetry Class. Lisa’s NYC Advanced Poetry begins 3/11

>> SPRING WORKSHOPS BEGIN THIS MONTH. Classes are filling up quickly, so make sure to register now to secure the class that is best for you! If you’re not sure which class to join, or have questions, give us a call at (212) 255-7075.  We enjoy speaking to writers and helping them find the class or tutorial that’s right for them.  Complete schedule of classes.


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