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Jude Michael Connors Author- THE TAILOR’S PATCHWORK


by Jude Michael Connors

A supernatural thriller

Jason is just a simple man who wants to live a simple life with his girlfriend, Alice.  But when a corrupt politician learns that Jason has the seemingly magical ability to alter people’s memories and thoughts, Jason is thrown into a life and death situation.

Paperback available at Amazon

e-books available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple iTunes Store

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Taylor Michaels Author- SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME


by Taylor Michaels

Can he protect her life and his heart?

Which is harder, turning someone with your heart or your life?

Morgan Kennedy is a woman with responsibilities, a lot of them.  Since her father’s heart attack she’s taken over the management of the family’s jewelry store and upcoming annual charitable fundraiser.  Still feeling the sting from a recent breakup, she has buried herself in work and is unaware that someone has been following her.  When an accidental encounter causes her stalker to emerge from the shadows, she needs a bodyguard.

Shawn Randall fled Los Angeles and a career providing protection for the rich and the famous to start again in Phoenix.  He’s seen it all and has one unbreakable rule: never get emotionally involved with a client.  Learning that lesson almost cost him all he held dear.  However, this assignment may deliver more than he’s bargained for.  Protecting Morgan may be the easy part safe guarding his heart just may turn out to be the toughest assignment he’s ever had.

Available on, Barnes and, Apple iBooks, Sony ebookstore, Sony Bookstore, and Smashwords.

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Elise M. Stone Author- FAITH, HOPE, AND MURDER A Community of Faith Mystery


by Elise M. Stone

A Community of Faith Mystery

A lonely web designer is drawn into the world of drug and human smuggling in the Arizona desert as she searches for a killer.

Also available at and iBookstore.

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Laurie Stevens Author- THE DARK BEFORE DAWN


by Laurie Stevens

Best 2011 Kirkus Reviews/ Indie   Recipiet of the Kirkus Star of Merit

“Memorable characters, macabre scenes and a dazzling portrayal of reality will leave readers anxious for book two in the Gabriel McCray series.”

“Stevens sets the stage for graphic sensory details and a fast-paced, tantalizing mystery that utilizes her passion and research in forensics and psychology.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will relate to the San Francisco and Los Angeles settings, and Stevens’ allusions to “Cask of Amontillado” and Frankenstein craft a story immersed in theater, disguise and secrecy.”- Kirkus Reviews

Grisly murders are taking place high in the Santa Monica Mountains.  On each of the victim’s bodies is a note left for the L.A. Sheriff detective, Gabriel McRay.  The killer’s identity is locked in the suppressed memory of a horrifying trauma from Gabriel’s own childhood.  Teamed with his forensic pathologist girlfriend and his psychiatrist, Gabriel runs two parallel investigations, the first: a dark journey into the terrifying recollections of his past and second; the hunt for a serial killer who seems to know more about Gabriel than he knows himself.

Set in Southern California, Stevens paints a very real picture of both the beauty of the land and the grittiness of some of its inhabitants.

Stevens sends the reader on a quest to understand the emotional triggers in a person’s psyche who has lived through serious trauma.

What is the defining point when people living through similar adversity take diametrically opposite paths in life?  This question has led her to create a series of novels that deal with the good and evil within a human being.

The Gabriel McRay Series DEEP INTO DUSK Coming Soon


“I am a novelist, screenwriter, and playwright.  I’ve written for television, film and my stage play, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, ran for eight weeks in Los Angeles.”

“I’m proud to offer my new novel, THE DARK BEFORE DAWN, which is the first in a psycho-thriller/detective series based in Los Angels.  Psychology and forensics interest me immensely so the book is rich with both.”

Available Through Booksellers & All Online Retailers

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Borderlands Theater 2012-2013- Presents BRUJA a new play by McArthur Foundation Fellow Luis Alfaro

Borderlands Theater 2012-2013
Bruja Re-format Letter size

 A New Play by McArthur Foundation Fellow

Luis Alfaro

Directed by

Eva Zorrilla Tessler

From the critically acclaimed writer ofOedipus el Rey and Electricidad, comes a contemporary Chicano er-imagining of Euripides’ Medea.  This haunting and

sensual story brings powerful tides of indigenous magic to conjure the wrath of

a woman scorned


MARCH 28 – APRIL 14, 2013


(Temple of Music and Art)

March 28 * 7:30pm – Preview: HALF PRICE TICKETS!

$12 General & Senior, $6 Student



with postres, plus meet/greet the

performers, writer and director

$24 General & Senior, $12 Student


March 30 * 7:30pm – National New Play Network!

Championing 15 years of new plays with panelists:

Luis Alfaro (playwright) and Mike Lippman

(UA Department of Classics)

$24 General & Senior, $12 Student


additional panel dates and


April 4   * 7:30pm – MEDEA ANTI-DATE NIGHT!

2 for 1 tickets – (Discount taken off lesser priced ticket)

$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 5, 6, 10, 13 * 7:30pm –


$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 7, 13, 14 * 2pm – MATINEES

$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 11 * 10am – STUDENT MATINEES

$7 General, $6 Student

Student matinees subject to change, please call
Alida Wilson-Gunn 520-882-8607 for more information

RESERVATIONS:  (520) 882-7406




2012-13 Season


Chicas Desenfrenadas

y Vatos Perdidos/

Unstoppable Chicas and Lost Vatos


Welcome!Tlaltecuhtli, the ancient Aztec Earth Goddess of birth and death, both

kind and terrifying, blesses our 27th season. In our three plays, two young women and one young man

respond to the wispers of voices from the past, and with others struggle to overcome their own demons by converting these whispers into

shouts and song.


Call the BOX Office: (520) 882-7406


University of Arizona and Pima Community College Student

and Faculty discounts available online and through the Borderlands’

Box Office.  Online:, hit “Buy Tickets Now” button and type in code UAPCC

  (please bring college ID to Borderlands’ Will Call)

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PM Press- New Releases and Events Radical Analysis & Movement Building

New Releases/Events/News
March 2013

End of March News at PM Press

It’s another big month with five new releases at PM Press!

We have two packed collections of radical analysis and movement building praxis from veteran organizer Chris Crass and political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz, along with the long-awaited second volume of George Katsiaficas’s study of grassroots uprisings in Asia.

For fiction fans, Filomena Buscarsela is back in Kenneth Wisnhia’s second urban crime novel, Soft Money, and legendary science fiction writer Ken MacLeod joins the Outspoken Authors.

We have a plethora of great news, reviews, and events. We can’t list everything happening in one email, but click on the relevant images for more info or check it all out HERE.

Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-Racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis, and Movement Building Strategy
by Chris Crass with an introduction by Chris Dixon and foreword by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
PB | ISBN: 9781604866544 | $20.00
Towards Collective Liberation is for activists engaging with dynamic questions of how to create and support effective movements for visionary systemic change. Chris Crass’s collection of essays and interviews presents us with powerful lessons for transformative organizing by offering a firsthand look at the challenges and the opportunities of anti-racist work in white communities, feminist work with men, and bringing women of color feminism into the heart of social movements. Drawing on two decades of personal activist experience and case studies of anti-racist social justice organizations, Crass explores ways of transforming divisions of race, class, and gender into catalysts for powerful vision, strategy, and praxis.
“In his writing and organizing, Chris Crass has been at the forefront of building the grassroots, multi-racial, feminist movements for justice we need.”
—-Elizabeth ‘Betita’ Martinez, coeditor of We Have Not Been Moved

“These are words from the heart, overflowing onto the streets.”
—-Vijay Prashad, author of Darker Nations

Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings
of Russell Maroon Shoatz
Edited by Fred Ho and Quincy Saul with a foreword by Chuck D and afterword by Matt Meyer and Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge
PB | ISBN: 9781604860597 | $20.00
Russell Maroon Shoatz is a political prisoner currently held in solitary confinement—-a condition he has been in for two torturous decades—-yet his words ring out with the clarity and insight of the keenest of political analysts. Unjustly imprisoned for over thirty years, Maroon was an active leader of the 1970s Black liberation movement in Pennsylvania. His daring escapes from prison earned him the moniker “Maroon.” In these explosive pages, he carries on the ancient tradition of escaped slaves and rebels who have created forms of struggle that foreshadow the world we need to build. Maroon’s implacable spirit and intense vision give everyone new tools to challenge empire, patriarchy, and “the Matrix.”
“This book is that very funky instruction manual on how to make revolution.”
—-Amiri Baraka, Nobel Laureate

“A high document of true freedom for the masses.”
—-Chuck D, Public Enemy

Asia’s Unknown Uprisings Volume 2: People Power in the Philippines, Burma, Tibet, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia, 1947-2009
by George Katsiaficas
PB | ISBN: 9781604864885 | $28.95
Ten years in the making, this magisterial work—-the second of a two-volume study—-provides a unique perspective on uprisings in nine Asian nations in the past five decades. While the 2011 Arab Spring is well known, the wave of uprisings that swept Asia in the 1980s remain hardly visible. This book provides detailed histories of uprisings in nine places as well as introductory and concluding chapters that place them in a global context and analyze them in light of major sociological theories. Profusely illustrated with photographs, tables, graphs, and charts, it is the definitive, and defining, work from the eminent participant-observer scholar of social movements.
“Through Katsiaficas’s study of Asia’s uprisings and rebellions, readers get a glimpse of the challenge to revolutionaries to move beyond representative democracy and to reimagine and reinvent democracy. This book shows the power of rebellions to change the conversation.”
—-Grace Lee Boggs, activist and coauthor of Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century

Soft Money
by Kenneth Wishnia with an introduction by Gary Phillips
PB | ISBN: 9781604866803 | $16.95

Filomena Buscarsela returns, having traded in her police uniform for the trials of single motherhood. She may have left the department, but Filomena’s passion for justice burns as hot as ever. And when the owner of her neighborhood bodega is murdered, Filomena doesn’t need much prodding from the dead man’s grieving sister to step in. From the labyrinthine subway tunnels of upper Broadway to the upscale enclaves that house the rich and beautiful, from local barrio hangouts to high-priced seats of power, Filomena follows a trail of dirty secrets and dirtier politics, with some unexpected stops in between.
“Great fun…Fil is a hyperbolic character, spewing enough acerbic opinions to fill half a dozen average mysteries. A spirited sequel.”
—-Publishers Weekly

“Nonstop activity, wry humor, mordant characterizations, and a solid dollop of police procedure make this a hugely appealing follow-up to 23 Shades of Black.”
—-Library Journal 

The Human Front
by Ken MacLeod
PB | ISBN: 9781604863956 | $12.00 | Outspoken Authors
Winner of a Prometheus and Sidewise Award, and largely unavailable in the U.S., The Human Front follows the adventures of a young Scottish guerrilla, drawn into low-intensity sectarian war in a high-intensity dystopian future, when the arrival of an alien intruder (complete with saucer!) calls for new tactics and strange alliances. Plus: “The Future Will Happen Here, Too,” in which a Hebridean writer celebrates the landscapes that shaped his work, measures Scotland’s past against humanity’s future, and peers into the eyes of an eel. And Featuring: our irreverent Outspoken Interview, a candid and often cantankerous conversation that showcases our author’s deep erudition and mordant wit.

The Human Front has pretty much everything you could ask from a great story: character, insight, plot, that quality of description that transports a feeling, sensation, incident or landscape seemingly direct from world to mind, and revelation. It has substance. It should make your mind reel, and work.”
—-Iain M. Banks

PM Combo Packs! 
For frugal PM shoppers, we’ve teamed up some of our bestselling items in discounted “Combo Packs” of like-minded books, CDs, and DVDs. You can choose from a wide range of groovy Combos that save up to 50% on the list price, including the Autonomous Art Combo, the Outspoken Authors Combo, the Big Noise Dispatches DVD Combo and more.

See the Combo Packs HERE.

ebooks e-Books Now Available

For technophiles, paper savers, and those without much shelf space, PM releases are also available as instantly downloadable e-Books. We are adding new PDF, ePUB, and MOBI files daily to work with all e-Book readers and personal computers. Read about our e-Books and file formats HERE and see the latest releases HERE.   

PM Press is on Twitter and Facebook

PM Press is now Twittering HERE.

Also stay up to date by following us on Facebook.


PM Press Catalog
We have a full PM Press catalog! So take a look, and start working on your wish lists now. Full color, 104 pages, viewable and downloadable online or request a free print copy HERE for yourself, or multiple copies to distribute at your workplace, bookstore, school, or gigs.

To view upcoming releases including Spring 2013 (and beyond) please visit the  “Upcoming” section of our webstore HERE.

Recent News/Reviews 
Drawn to New York on Newsarama
Review by Michael C. Lorah
Drawn to New York is Peter Kuper’s New York, and anybody who’s spent any time here, physically or otherwise, will recognize the energy and architecture, the grime and crowds, the beautiful humanity, the foods, odors, and sights. Love it or not, there’s no place on Earth quite like New York City, and few people have captured it as effectively as Kuper.

Read the full review HERE.
Catastrophism in the Brooklyn Rail
Review by Robert S. Eshelman

Secular predictions about the demise of one form of unjust social organization and the imminent arrival of another, more socially just one, certainly have been commonplace on the political left and within the environmental movement in the past several years. Catastrophists assume that as conditions get worse the likelihood that they will get better improves. In their view, wholesale social or financial collapse is the disease but also the cure. Here, the authors dispute the catastrophist teleology.
Read the full review HERE.
Barred for Life  on BlackBook
Review by Victor Ozols
It’s probably the most recognized logo in all of punk rockdom, four simple black bars that represent the waving of a black flag, signifying attack rather than surrender. Legions of fans, probably numbering in the thousands, have inked their bodies with it, at once becoming members of a fraternity recognized around the world… Barred for Life is a book with heart. There’s actually a narrative arc, thanks to a series of interviews with former band members interspersed throughout, telling the story of the band and its fans.
Read the full review HERE.
Robert King on Democracy Now! and All Things Considered
Robert King spent 29 years in solitary confinement for a murder he did not commit. He was released in 2001 after his conviction was overturned. He has written a book about his own experience called From the Bottom of the Heap and he’s featured in several films, from The Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation to a brand new film about his life called Hard Time.
Robert King was interviewed by Democracy Now! to discuss new developments in fellow Angola 3 member Albert Woodfox’s case. Watch the interview HERE. Robert was also interviewed by NPR’s All Things Consideredfor the program “Solitary Confinement: Punishment Or Cruelty?” Listen to itHERE.

Revolution at Point Zero in Mute Magazine
Interview and Review by Joshua Eichen and Marina Vishmidt
Silvia Federici’s success as a writer and theorist is in the grounded nature of her proposals and her irrefutable axiom that if we weren’t fed, able to sleep and make ourselves presentable, we wouldn’t be able to sell our labour power. The demands of Wages for Housework are an argument against housework, its invisibility, its gendering and its devaluation and ultimately, for wages.
Read the the full review HERE along with an in-depth interview HERE.
Accompanying in Publishers Weekly
Staughton Lynd’s poignant memoir of a life devoted to social justice is also a chronicle of the major social movements of the second half of the 20th century. He describes the slow process of coming to understand that real change cannot be imposed by organizers from the outside without committed people within each community.
Read the full review  HERE.
Punk Rock on PopMatters
Review by John L. Murphy
Imagine 150 pioneering musicians, managers, artists, and fans settled into a commodious pub. The oldest are well into their 60s, the youngest have recently passed 50. Their spiky hair might be grey, if they still sport some. They tell one by one (if such order might be imagined in politely logical, topical, and chronological sequence) of what they heard in the ’60s and ’70s on vinyl, and the singers they watched on television. Gradually, they speak of their involvement in what would be peddled—-if not in British cities and on tabloid and official media until the summers of 1976 or 1977—-as punk.
Read the full review HERE.
Suspended Somewhere Between in the American Bazaar
Review by David Keplinger
There’s style in the writerly sense and then there’s style, the style one achieves as a member of the human family, say, a style Akbar Ahmed has mastered. For there is surely a tone, a voice, a mastery of the grammar of life which lives not only in the pages of his non-fiction, drama and now poetry, but in the way Ahmed has conducted himself throughout his personal history…
Read the full review HERE and an article about Akbar Ahmed written by Craig Considine on the Huffington Post HERE.
Rebel Voices in Labor Studies Journal
Review by William A. Pelz
In Daniel Gross’s preface to this new edition, he claims that this is “the most important book ever written about the Industrial Workers of the World.” Although a bold statement, there is much truth in it, because Rebel Voices is a fine collection of original source material written by IWW members themselves. With seditious humor and biting satire, (Joyce Kornbluh’s) Rebel Voices brings alive the revolutionary syndicalist challenge to both the capitalists and mainstream trade unionists.
Read the full review HERE.
Sex, Race, and Class on New Clear Vison
Review by Victoria Law
Why is it that, in 2013, so many of us—-particularly those of us who struggle to balance paid work, social justice work, and childraising (or what James would term “care work”) remain so unfamiliar with Selma James, her writings and her work? What lessons could we have drawn from the campaigns with which she was involved and her documentation of other campaigns? Recognizing that James’s writings have addressed many of these questions, PM Press has published a collection of James’s writings, aptly titled Sex, Race, and Class.
Read the full review HERE.
Burn Collector on Boing Boing
Review by Brian Heater
Al Burian’s name invariably comes up in every list of great zines. And there’s no question why, really—-he’s one of the most talented writers ever to sit down and bang out a zine. Unlike most authors in the medium, there’s no shortage of ways to get Burian’s work, but this collection is really the most logical, for that rare series that came into the world mostly full formed. And, unlike many of his contemporaries, who are hesitant to jump into the digital sphere, you can even buy the whole damned thing as an e-book. Though that kind of feels like cheating, no?
Read the full review HERE.
PM Recommends 
Maroon the Implacable Spring Book Tour
Maroon the Implacable: The Collected Writings of Russell Maroon Shoatzwill be touring the United States between March 27th and May 6th, 2013. Quincy Saul (coeditor) and Theresa Shoatz (daughter of Russell Maroon Shoatz) are available for events, speaking engagements, interviews, radio shows and television appearances before and during the book tour. Also consider joining the ongoing planning meetings to Free Maroon.
See the book tour schedule and get involved HERE.
Upcoming Events 
Brothers in Crime Tour at Red Emmas (Baltimore, MD), March 29
Kenneth Wishnia, author of the Filomena Buscarsela series of crime fiction, will be appearing with his brother, Steven Wishnia, author of When the Drumming Stops, on The Brothers in Crime Tour.

See event details HERE.
Maroon the Implacable Book Release (Philadelphia), April 5
For the Philadelphia event (Maroon’s home town) there will be an extraordinary panel of speakers and musicians including Robert King, Matt Meyer, Pam Africa,Anthony Monteiro, Fred Ho, Jasiri X, Ben Barson, and more.

See event details HERE.

MoCCA Arts Festival (NYC), April 6-7
The MoCCA Arts Festival brings together an extremely diverse group of creators, from individuals just beginning to show and sell their work, to living legends of the industry. Join us for the launch of Peter Kuper’s Drawn to New York and meet artists and authors Kevin Pyle (The Real Cost of Prisons Comix), Mickey Z (Self-Defense for Radicals), and more!
See event details HERE.
NYC Anarchist Book Fair,  April 6-7
This year’s book fair moves to the Lower East Side, the real historic hub of dissident squatter and anarchist culture, where we’ll reconnect with other LES organizations in a nucleus of uprising, conspiracy, and mutual confabulation bringing together for the general public two days of books and book reading, lectures, workshops, pamphlets, broadsides, zines, films, demos, skill shares, and much much more. scott crow will be presenting amongst many others.

See event details HERE.
asiav2 George Katsiaficas at Orca Books (Olympia, WA), April 8

Join George Katsiaficas for the book launch of Asia’s Unknown Uprisings Volume 2: People Power in the Philippines, Burma, Tibet, China, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia, 1947-2009 at Orca Books in Olympia, Washington.

See event details HERE.
OLR Luis Nieves Falcon at Casa Puertorriquena (Chicago, IL), April 11

Join PM authors and editors Matt Meyer and Luis Nieves Falcon at Casa Puertorriquena for a book talk, signing, and dinner. They will be discussing the case of Oscar Lopez Rivera and Oscar’s new book edited by Luis Nieves Falcon,Between Torture and Resistance.

See event details HERE.
Barred for Life Book Release Party at Vinal Edge (Houston, TX), April 13
Join editor David Ensminger, live punk bands, and tattooed locals at the legendary Vinal Edge Records for a book release party for Barred for Life: How Black Flag’s Iconic Logo became Punk Rock’s Secret Handshake.

See event details HERE.
For more events click here.
 Join the Friends of PM Press
Friends of PM allows you to directly help impact, amplify, and revitalize the discourse and actions of radical writers, filmmakers, and artists. It provides us with a stable foundation from which we can build upon our early successes and provides a much-needed subsidy for the materials that can’t necessarily pay their own way.

To join the Friends of PM click here.

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March 28, 2013
Book Marketing
 The single issue I am asked more often involves book marketing. The questions often request answers boiled down into a single article. Unfortunately there is no one single article that encompasses all the important components because book marketing is multi-faceted. However there are two articles that will get you started and hopefully give you the impetus to search for more information. Please let me know if you need specific information and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. Thank you.  
Read one of my recent newsletter articles:
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