THE WRITERS STUDIO- Writing workshops & Students Publish & Reading at Greenwich House Music School

THE WRITERS STUDIO- Writing workshops & Students Publish & Reading at Greenwich House Music School
“Celebrating 26 years of helping writers reach their potential”

>> “I APPROACH MY TEACHING WITH A TREMENDOUS EMPATHY FOR MY STUDENTS’ DESIRE TO BE WRITERS AND TO BE A SUCCESS. And their success is something I take very seriously. I tell my students simply, if you continue to work hard, continue to read, continue to check your ego at the door, you will see it show in the improvement of your writing.” – Whitney Porter, NYC Level I instructor.  Whitney’s next 10-week workshop in fiction and poetry begins Monday, February 25. (You can join the class up to two weeks late – Space is limited to 12 students). To register or view a complete schedule.

>> WHITNEY PORTER IS AN EXCELLENT INSTRUCTOR. I have learned a great deal in her class. She has encouraged all of us, giving critiques we can benefit from so we may develop into better writers. ” Janet Ivari, NYC Level I Student. Find out what other students are saying about the Writers Studio.

>> STUDENTS PUBLISH: Jay Kidd’s poems, “Playlist” and “Rice Balls: New York, 1983” have been accepted for publication by Burningwood Literary Journal in their next issue coming out April 1, 2013. Jamez Chang’s flash fiction piece “Bridge Pins” will appear in the Spring 2013 issue of Gone Lawn. His poem “Sara Module” will appear in the Spring 2013 issue of Pirene’s Fountain, and “Territory Claims” in the March 2013 issue of The Abstract Quill. Jamez is a NYC Level III student. In collaboration with Isaac Kirkman, Jamez also authored a collaborative poem “Jeremy” which was accepted for publication in the Apeiron Review. Isaac is an intermediate student in The Writers Studio’s Tuscon Branch. Read more success stories.

>> SAVE THE DATE: Faculty members and master class students Lisa Bellamy, Sylvie Bertrand, Doris Cheng, Therese Eiben, and Michele Herman will read at Greenwich House Music School in New York City on Saturday, March 16, 7 p.m. For more details.

>> “AH, THE BODY AND THE POEM. Everything we know and experience is through the body. We have to see feel touch smell taste the world or there isn’t any world as far as we’re concerned.” — Cynthia Huntington, guest teacher in Lisa Bellamy’s 2/5 Craft Class. New Craft Class began February 19. You can join at any time during the year. Register Now. / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER / FACEBOOK /


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