Eric Bishop-Potter Author- A RUINED BOY


by Eric Bishop-Potter

Eric Bishop-Potter is an Englishman who has never set foot in America; yet his novel, A RUINED BOY, brilliantly captures the wit and drive of the American people.  Set against a backdrop of Hollywood and the Mafia in the fifties.  A RUINED BOY is the story of Honey Bunn, a coarse, bloated, baritonal nightclub entertainer (she impersonates male movie stars), who finds herself at war with her camp, psychopathic son Sonny, the live-in boyfriend of the Underworld boss Sylvano Mastrioni, whose slavish devotion to Sonny leads to unrest among his lieutenants, one of whom is Thomas Calvino, Honey’s power-hungry lover.  Together Calvino and honey hit upon a plan that will eliminate both Mastrioni and Sonny … a plan so ingenious that it cannot possibly fail.  Or so they believe.

A RUINED BOY tells of the American Dream gone horribly and, at times, hilariously wrong.  It is available in paperback or e-book format from

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 42.  No. 1  February-March 2013

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