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by Aristeo Brito

translated by David William Foster

Using folklore and oral history, Aristeo Brito weaves the struggles of the oppressed and exploited agrarian community of Presidio, Texas, through three historical periods.

” … a writer of impressive range and possibility.”- Western States Book Awards Jury

“A book of consuming character and muted passion.”- Los Angeles Times

224 pp   paper   $17.00x   ISBN978-0-927534-06-2

Bilingual Review Press

Phone orders  Toll free:  (866)965-0315

E-mail  brp@asu.edu


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Dr. Gary D. McKay Author- A SHORTAGE OF BODIES & Other books published by Amethyst Moon Publishing and Services

2013 Award Winning Book

A Shortage of Bodies

by Dr. Gary D. McKay

We offer congratulations to author Dr. Gary D. McKay on winning a 2013 Sharp Writ Book Award in the Mystery / Suspense category. Dr. Mckay’s took third place for his book A Shortage of Bodies!

Synopsis: When Dr. Dick Meyer, a 55-year-old counselor and author turned amateur criminal psychologist, becomes involved in an unusual murder case with a disturbing lack of cadavers, the experience becomes unbearably personal. The victim is Mary Martinez, a personal friend and woman who seemed to have it all. She becomes “angel number one” in Dr. Gary D. McKay’s first crime novel, A Shortage of Bodies (released in 2011), set in Southern Arizona.

A mysterious box containing ominous souvenirs of the crime is left in the front yard of Desert County’s Sheriff Jerry Morgan. Morgan quickly assembles an unlikely band of investigators including Dick Meyer and a newly immigrated, retired Scotland Yard detective, Ian MacLennan. They soon discover that Mary’s not the only woman gone missing and presumed murdered. The search is on in the beautiful but deadly Desert Southwest.

Author Dr. Gary D. McKay has authored over 14 books, and is most known for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP)STEP is the world’s leading parent education program.

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Previous Year’s Winners

Birthday Tributes

Birthday Tributes was a first place winner in the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards. Authors Dawn Pritchard Burruel and Joy O’Donnel won this award in the Parenting / Family category.

Birthday Tributes is written by two sisters, who wanted to add more meaning to their birthday celebrations. In their book, Dawn and Joy’s stories are interwoven with Birthday Tributes written to their family members. Each sister has a story of her own to tell with memories of personal and family struggles and triumphs. Insightful and inspirational stories of friendships, marriage, divorce, love, commitment, sisterhood, and family connections are linked together with the ultimate message that it’s never too late to tell those you love what they mean to you. Click here to order

The San Joaquin Siren: An American Ace in WWII’s CBI

The San Joaquin Siren: An American Ace in WWII’s CBI was a third place winner in the 2011 Sharp Writ Book Awards. Bill Behrns and the late Kenneth Moore won this award in the Autobiography / Memoirs category.

The San Joaquin Siren is the true account of one of America’s heroes of WWII. Bill Behrns served in the China, Burma, India (CBI) region of the Pacific war. The U.S. Army Air Corps sent thirty-two pilots from thirty-two states in twenty-five Lightnings into this remote area. It would seem they were expendable since the loss of a single pilot would scarcely be noticed in any single state. According to Air Force intelligence reports, this newly-formed, 459th Squadron, 80th Fighter Group faced approximately 550 enemy aircraft. This was the only unit of its kind in the war. Click here to order

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David Bell Author- CEMETERY GIRL


by David Bell

Mysterious Galaxy Staff Review

“CEMETERY GIRL is a perfect ‘page-turner,’ a book that commands the reader’s attention with it compact style and enigmatic scenario.  In it, a couple finds their marriage torn apart by the disappearance of their 12-year-old daughter.  With the girl missing for four years, her mother is anxious to move on, while her father is obsessed with finding her.   Is the blond girl he sees in the cemetery really her, someone else, an hallucination, or a ghost?”

“To say more would be criminal.  In fact, you may want to avoid reading the dust jacket!  Suffice it to say that you will meet a cast of characters whose motives are suspect.  The weird uncle, the stripper, the busybody reverend … are they connected to the disappearance, and if so, how?  You will puzzle and agonize over the fate of the girl.  Ultimately you will learn just enough to satisfy you, while giving you a bit ambiguity to reflect on after you’ve finished reading the book.” – MC

New American Library tpo, $14.00

Mysterious Galaxy Books

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San Diego, CA  92111


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