Steven Cordova Poet- LONG DISTANCE


poetry by Steven Cordova

In LONG DISTANCE, the fourth title in the Canto Cosas series, Steven Cordova vividly portrays the life of a young gay man living in New York … in this case, a man who has tested positive for HIV.  The poet discovers a current of ironic humor in his subject, an important step in the evolution of AIDS poetry because it dissolves the figurative ghetto around the subject and integrates it into a general human condition in which persons of many backgrounds come to terms with a wide range of problems, some of them life-threatening.  LANG DISTANCE is the poet’s first book-length collection.

“LONG DISTANCE is a finely crafted collection of poems, and a gorgeous and fearless debut of a book.”- Lambda Literary

72 pp   paper   $10.00  ISBN978-1-931010-62-7

Bilingual Review Press

Phone orders  Toll free:  (866)965-3867


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