THE WRITERS STUDIO- Listen to Our Faculty Reading on YouTube

THE WRITERS STUDIO- Listen to Our Faculty Reading on YouTube

“Celebrating 25 years of helping writers reach their potential”

>> WATCH THE KGB BAR READING FROM LAST WEEKEND ON THE WRITERS STUDIO’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Featured readers included faculty members LESLEY DORMEN, JOEL HINMAN, PETER KRASS, WHITNEY PORTER, and ELLIOT SATSKY.  If you’re still shopping for a winter workshop, take Whitney Porter’s Online Level I, which began January 17 (you can register up to 2 weeks late), or her NYC Level I, beginning February 25. To register or view a complete schedule.

>> “LOST FOR WHAT TO DO AFTER MY FIRST MANUSCRIPT RECEIVED EIGHT NICE REJECTION LETTERS from editors and my agent decided to get her MBA and enter venture capital (I still wonder if it was my writing that caused this), I enrolled in The Writers Studio, a New York-based workshop run out of an elementary school in the Village. It was the best thing I could have done. In three years, I learned many things, but the most important lessons were about the big three: voice, tone and mood.” — Rich Zahradnik, Former NYC student. Find out what other students are saying about the Writers Studio.

>>  WE ALL GO THROUGH CERTAIN STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT AS WRITERS. What we offer are different workshop levels designed to address each of these stages, so that students are allowed to develop at their own pace to reach their full potential as fiction writers or poets. Some writers join us for one 10-week session, but most of them stay with us for several sessions, and continue building on their skills while developing their voices. Learn more about our method.

>> QUOTATION OF THE DAY: “When you don’t distract yourself from grief or some strong emotion, you experience everything through its prism, and it’s the job of a poet, the job of a writer to be able to do that for your reader.” ~ Philip Schultz on “After a Death” by Tomas Tranströmer (11/27/12 Craft Class)

>> THERE ARE STILL A FEW SPOTS IN OUR WINTER SESSION | NEXT CRAFT CLASS BEGINS FEBRUARY 19 (you can register for it at any time and receive all nine classes). / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER / FACEBOOK /


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