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Sally Zanjani Author- SARAH WINNEMUCCA


by Sally Zanjani

ISBN 0-8032-4917-9      University of Nebraska Press

Winner of the Evans Biography Award and the Westerns International Book Award.  The moving story of of the most influential and charismatic Native American women in American history.

“We can’t cling to the past, but I definitely don’t think we can put it aside or run away from it.  The past includes everything we ever learned.  As a publisher of history books, I can tell you that “the past” sells very well, not just in the West but in the US.  We don’t have to tell the same few stories over and over.  Some stories that have been neglected are waiting for someone to tell them.” – Nancy Curtis, High Plains Press

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by Jim Temme

PRODUCTIVITY PLUS is a no-nonsense lifestyle guide that reveals the secrets of corporate success and self-actualization.  It addessess time management, stress, family, finances, health, self-esteem, humor, anger and worry.  Key behaviors are identified to break self-limiting behaviors and  form productive habits.  Each chapter offers exercised and ideals to live lie with enthusiasm, energy and focus.


$19.95 Paperback


Five Star Publications

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