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Nash Candeleria Author- SECOND COMMUNION


by Nash Candeleria

“In a way you could say that my family was one of the causes of the Los Angeles riots of 1992.”  So begins Nash Candelaria’s insightful memoir that focuses on how and why he chose to become a writer.  As he explores his family’s more than 300-year history in New Mexico as well as his own journeys in the Southwest, the author reveals intimate details about his life and the truths he learned about family, self, and the world around him.  With sparse, clear language, Candelaria tells a tale of conquistadors, family, a Depression-era childhood, and his personal transformation into a writer.  Part family history and part self-examination, SECOND COMMUNION is a must-read for aspiring writers, those interest in Southwest history, and students and teachers of Chicano literature.

240 pp   paper   $18.00   ISBN 978-1-931010-56-6

Bilingual Review Press

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E-mail: brp@assu.edu


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A. J. Scudiere Author- RESONANCE


by A. J. Scudiere

In earth’s history there have been five mass extinctions …

each of these was preceded by a magnetic polar reversal.  The sixth great mass extinction has already begun.

Which way does your compass point?


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