Sabrina Devonshire Author- THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER


by Sabrina Devonshire

The elite swimmer Dana’s destined to fall in love with is also destined to die.  Can she change his fate?

Dana Thomas is an impulsive children’s writer.  Recurring dreams about a swimmer drowning during a race lead her to abandon her routine life and travel to races around the world to protect him.

Jeff Dickson is an elite swimmer and former Navy fighter pilot who keeps dreaming he’s drowning.  He’s puzzled by a klutzy race volunteer who somehow reminds him of a mysterious woman named Dana he recently met and asked out.

Jeff and Dana fall passionately in love.  As they travel to the final race of the season, Dana fears her nightmare is about to unfold.  Anticipating a dive-in and rescue mission, Dana is shocked to discover that’s just the beginning.  Can she save her lover and survive?

Download THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER to your reader today!


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