Pascal Marco Author- IDENTITY:LOST


by Pascal Marco

“A well-told tale of race, murder, injustice, and redemption.  This is the real deal.  IDENTITY:LOST confidently heralds a strong new talent.”- Raymond Benson author of the James Bond anthologies

“An electrifying debut.  Fresh, compelling and incredibly intricate.”- Brad Thor New York Times Best Selling Author

“A thriller with heart and passion.  I recommend it.”- Karl Alexander New York Times Best Selling Author


Stan Kobe, living in the Arizona Witness Protection program since the age of thirteen, is forced to confront his past.  Known as “Maricopa County’s most Ruthless Prosecutor,” he is compelled to return to Chicago where he witnessed a murder as a boy.  But, going there will require him to divulge a secret he’s kept for over thirty years … the current Democratic candidate for President was at the scene of the crime.

Oceanview Publishing

ISBN 978-1-60809-015-0

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