Simon Wood Author- WORKING STIFFS


by Simon Wood

The workplace is a dangerous place. The unscrupulous are primed and ready to take advantage of the innocent and naïve. A slight indiscretion can cost the employee everything. A new position can turn a person into someone they are not. Those at the top can be toppled and those at the bottom can be crushed.

Until now, Vincent’s father has kept one side of the business a secret from his son. Vincent is about to learn the family business. On the most important day of his career, Sam’s world will unravel when he helps a woman in distress. Todd has failed in every job he’s undertaken, but that changes when he backs into a drug dealer’s car. Now he’s in hock with organized crime and can only get himself out from under if he works for them to pay off his debt. Kenneth Casper is ailing and so is his business empire. His shareholders circle like vultures. Casper pins all his hopes on a Peruvian shaman with a miracle cure.

Working Stiffs…Some jobs are worth dying for.

My Father’s Secret from the collection won the Anthony Awardfor Best Short Story.

Working Stiffs is now available for the iPad at the iBookstore.

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This collection consists of six short stories and one novella. Click below to read an excerpt fromWorking Stiffs. All stories have a history and this collection is no different. If you’d like to know what inspired these stories, click below!


What They Are Saying About Working Stiffs:

“Warning: This book is 100% adrenalin. Wood is pure gold.”
— J.A. Konrath, author of Rusty Nail

“Consistently surprising and well-written, Working Stiffs proves Simon Wood is a criminal genius. We should all be glad he’s writing this stuff and not doing it.”
— Cemetery Dance

“For a lover of short stories, this collection was a full meal. Wood changes voices, demographics and plot lines like a teen changes clothes for a first date. Each story is a strong sampling of humans at their most human told with the finesse that comes from experience and a love of the genre.”
— Crime Spree

“Wood delivers the goods!”
— Reviewing The Evidence

“His style will seem effortless to the reader and turn every writer green with envy.”
— Hellnotes

“A virtual virtuoso of suspense—Simon Wood layers tension until you ache.”
— Elaine Flinn, award winning author of The Molly Doyle Mysteries

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