Maxwell Alexander Drake Author- FARMERS & MERCENARIES and MORTALS & DEITIES


by Maxwell Alexander Drake

2009 Moonbeam Fantasy Winner & Named Dragon Roots Magazine’s Best New Fantasy Saga 2009

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Book Two of the Critically Acclaimed and Award-Winning Saga MORTALS & DEITIES

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Without hesitation, Klain pounched.  He crashed down on the old fighter before the two bodies could slide to a stop.  Grabbing the warrior’s helm by its face guard, Klain jabbed his sharp claws through the eye slit, digging them into the unseen flesh within.  The sound of the man’s scream bit at his ears as he pushed his claws as deep as the would go.  Hooking his thumb under the chinstrap that held the piece of armor in place, it became wrapped in a spongy, warm embrace as it penetrated the soft fleshy underside of the Human’s jaw.  His arm muscles bulged under the strain of closing his fist over the front of the face armor.  A crackling of bones rang out from the helmet, and the screams emanating from it became a gurgle.  Klain listened with satisfaction to his foe choking on his own blood.  Ripping the helm up and off, the beast tore away whatever part of the warrior’s face he still held in his grasp.

Standing, Klain dropped his arm to his side and stared down at the corpse.  His hackles rose.  The icy hand of terror gripped his core.  He whipped around, searching for the source of his unease.  Then he knew.


Surveying the stands, Klain tensed his muscles in anticipation of the next test to be thrown at him.  The crowd stood, leaning over the rails.  All sound fled from them.  Fear burned deep in Klain’s veins.

How can I survive a host that will not rest until I bleed out my life for them?  It is not me against those they send to kill me.  It is me against them!  I cannot win.

“The characters of FARMERS & MERCENARIES are well-developed.  Their stories are told in alternating chapters, and readers easily become invested in the fate of each.  The pace of the book is quick and the story lines solid.  Readers will turn pages late into the night just to find out what will happen next.  With FARMERS & MERCENARIES, fans of the fantasy genre have another group of characters to get to know and love.  I can’t wait for the next in the series.”- Lindsey Losnedahl  Las Vegas Review Journal

“Drake’s story reaches in and takes control page after page.  Not since Cain and Abel has the conflict between siblings been so masterfujly crafted in such a way that every reader can sympathize with and absorb.”- Rocco, Editor in Chief Dragonroots Magazine

“This is a magnificent addition to the GENESIS OF OBLIVION SERIES, series, and one that begs for a sequel.  The richly developed world leaves me wanting more, just as the first novel did.  I can’t wait to return to Talic’Nauth!  Overall- an incredible, captivating read.”- James Starke RantingDragon.Com


2009 Moonbeam Fantasy Award for Excellence in Literature and named Dragonroots Magazine’s Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009


In a sleepy farming stead, a young man, Alant Cor, is found to be one of the few Humans who can manipulate the Essence.  And, not simply manipulate it.  Alant has more power over this magical force than any Human in known history.  Does his younger brother, Arderi Cor, possess the same ability, or something more sinister?

Clytus Rillion, the commander of a mercenary troop, embarks on a quest to cure his dying son, Sindian.  Though he doubts he will survive the journey, he will pay any price to save his son’s life.

The beast, known only as Klain, born a slave and now used t9 entertain the masses in a bloodthirsty sport known as the Games, finds out his true value to those who own him lies with his death.

All are resigned to walk the paths fate has put them upon.  Yet, is this of their own accord?  Or, is an ancient and powerful race, the Elmorr’ Antiens, manipulating the other inhabitants of Talic’ Nauth?  Change is falling upon the Plane.  Some Elmporr’ Antiens are making preparations to weather the storms ahead- others intend to use the coming chaos to seize power over all the races.

Follow these seemingly unrelated lives as their paths are set on a course that none can hope to survive.  Readers of the GENESIS OF OBLIVION SAGA will immerse themselves in the depth of a unique world culture, the grandeur of its civilization, and the sheer awe of more than ninety-six thousand years of history!

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