Joe Sweeney Author- MAD QUEEN’S CHESS


by Joe Sweeney

Science Fiction- Alternative History


Inspector Chioe Robson is New Scotland Yard’s newest rising star.  But her brilliance begins to ebb when she’s assigned to Kolkata to assist the local police in solving a number of cases oddly connected by a  common theme: the game of chess.  Members of an underground society, identified only as chess pieces, are subtly influencing powerful members of the British nobility, often using the Checking Piece Courier Service to carry obscure messages.  As she struggles to adjust to Hindi culture, she must work with the sedate Inspector Vinay Banerjee of the Kolkata Police to answer two puzzling questions: who are those “chessman” and what is their objective?


Joe Sweeney was conceived in Alabama and born in Upstate New York (a relative location).  He spent the next 18 years in the tow of his Air Force family, living in all four corners of the States- Florida, Arizona, Northern California and Maine …  and picking up five more siblings along the way.  As a child he loved to write, but high school had somehow transformed him into a geek.  He spent the next 30 years programming computers, at first as a hobby and in later years as a career.  Now living in Arizona and in his 50’s, he has decided it’s time to return to his first love – writing.

Buy this book at:

Mostly Books

6208 E. Speedway

Tucson, Az 85712


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