THE WRITERS STUDIO- Online Writing Classes

THE WRITERS STUDIO- Online Writing Classes
“Celebrating 25 years of helping writers reach their potential”

>> READ LESLEY DORMEN’S PIECE ON JEAN S. HARRIS IN LAST SUNDAY’S NEW YORK TIMES (that is if you missed it). Lesley is a Level IV teacher at The Writers Studio.

>> “MOST TERMS I HAVE STUDENTS FROM EVERY REGION OF THE U.S. AND AT LEAST ONE FROM ANOTHER CONTINENT. Some are seasoned professionals in other fields, some are fresh from college. Some have taken a slew of writing classes, some are terrified because this is their first. So my first task is to make everyone feel at home and on equal footing in the online classroom. Whatever a student’s comfort zone is coming in, I love watching it grow bigger over the 10 weeks of the term. Shy students start to speak up. Those who claim they can’t write critiques begin offering astute feedback to their classmates. Most importantly, everyone’s writing grows more bold, beautiful and self-assured.” — Michele Herman, Online Level I instructor.

>> ARE YOU A WRITER WHO PREFERS THE FLEXIBILITY AND INTIMACY OF AN ONLINE CLASS? Our online branch is one of the oldest online writing programs (It started in 2001). It means we’ve had many years to make it as personal and user-friendly as possible. Four 10-week Online Workshops in Fiction & Poetry are still open, each beginning on a different day of the week:
* Rachael Nevins’ Online Level I, begins TONIGHT, January 8 (Tuesday) ❤ spots remain>
* Anamyn Turowski’s Online Level I, begins January 16 (Wednesday)
* Whitney Porter’s Online Level I, begins January 17 (Thursday) ❤ spots remain>
* Yetsuh ((pronounced “Yah-tsa”) Frank’s Online Level I, begins January 21 (Monday)

>> SPACE REMAINS IN A FEW NYC CLASSES. To register or view a complete schedule.

>> STUDENTS GET REVIEW, NOMINATION AND PUBLICATIONS. Lisa Bellamy’s poem “To Matrilineal Haplogroup K” was singled out in an eloquent review of the literary journal, CALYX (Summer 2012, Volume 27, Number 2). Sally Poppe’s story, “Kurdistan,” which she developed with Therese Eiben in Level IV, placed top 25 for Glimmer Train‘s Family Matters contest. Kathleen Hansen’s flash fiction, “Judged,” has been accepted for publication in Foundling Review (The piece was based on an exercise she developed in Lucinda Holt’s Level IV class). Jamez Chang’s poem “Good Guy with a Gun” will appear in the Winter 2013 issue of FRiGG, and “Sink Bath” is forthcoming in Big River Poetry Review. Jamez is a NYC Level III student. Read more success stories.
>> WINTER SCHEDULE OF 10-WEEK WORKSHOPS IN FICTION & POETRY BEGINS JANUARY 8 | CRAFT CLASS BEGAN DECEMBER 4 (you can register for it at any time and receive all nine classes). / 212-255-7075 / TWITTER / FACEBOOK /

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