Pan Left Productions- “The Price of Silence” Debuts & Angelitos Del Desierto & Homeless Youth Project TV Show

“The Price of Silence” Debuts  

In November 2012, I volunteered to expand my experience as a photojournalist by producing a film on domestic minor sex trafficking in Southern Arizona. My professional women’s group, Soroptimist International, which focuses on “improving the lives of women and girls” provided some seed money to make the film. The purpose was to raise awareness of this issue in this community following the first conference on human trafficking held in Tucson in January 2012.

The Price of Silence Part I
The Price of Silence Part I
I took my first class on field production at Access Tucson and went to work.


Since I needed a lot of advice, I joined Panleft Productions and IFASA too. I never realized how much of a learning curve I was getting into and felt really inept for a while. I could do interviews, research and writing and had a good photographic eye. I interacted with computers on a daily basis, but shooting and editing was a whole new ball game.
Fortunately, because of the great advice and assistance I got from these three groups, I came out with a fairly decent 22 minute film. I am now showing it around town to human service agencies, churches and plan to expand the circle in the next few months. (So far 135 people have viewed it at screenings.) The film aired on Access Tucson twice a week mid-November to mid- December in the evenings.

When the film shows in the community, I am there to answer questions and pass out a survey for audience feedback. Survey comments so far include a lot of gratitude about bringing this topic to the community’s attention. such as:

Thank you for the awareness of a community concern that these people need to know about – resources available to assist victims trying to move on in their lives.”


“Actually, I have a teenage daughter. Certainly provides some pertinent information.”


What struck me the most was the ease of a person at a bus stop to charm a teen by claiming the area ‘talent agent.'”


Good information; very direct and honest; very well presented.


Wow. Didn’t realize it was so easy for girls to get involved in trafficking. we need to be aware.”

“Thank you for your hard work. It will make a difference in the community, no doubt about it.”

I also get requests for further information, which I am developing and working into future presentations. Viewers also recommend several more audiences that might benefit from viewing it. I continue to promote the film.

Anne Dalton


 Angelitos Del Desierto   


This documentary short film is about two brave women who risk their lives to feed their families by illegally crossing the US / Mexico border into Tucson in order to work. And the structural injustice between Mexico and the US that creates this harsh reality. 


Angels of the Desert/  Angelitos del Desierto
Angels of the Desert/ Angelitos del Desierto

(In Spanish, English subtitles)

Complete for viewing February 2013

“When deported, here in Mexico I was treated well, but not in the Unites States, immigration treated me very poorly. They would yell at us, hit us, and chain us together like criminals and if someone was sick or in pain, they told us it was our fault that we were in that situation, that we wanted to be there and we were responsible for what was happening to us”. These are the words of a woman we interviewed at a shelter on the Mexican side of the Mariposa border.

In this documentary short, two female friends who together have crossed the border illegally three times are deported again at the Mariposa border. Enduring abuse and separation from their families, these women risk their lives in order to feed their children.  Will they cross again? What is the role of the United States government in creating such a harsh reality for these women?

Kim Eldon  


Homeless Youth Project TV Show


For that past five months Ron Austin has been hosting a half hour show once a month on Access Tucson. The shows name is “Homeless Youth Project” which is named after the Pan Left Productions Project which is done in partnership with The Carlos G Figueroa Foundation (CGFF).


The Homeless Youth Project is one in which we will be producing a documentary tentatively name  “Homeless Youth Project, Tucson, Az”. The CGFF goes into the field with videographers and photographers and to do video and photo interviews with youth that are homeless.


Ron interviews various people on the show that have done projects or anything else related to homeless youth. In December he interviewed Ann Dalton Director and Producer of “The Price of Silence” a video about youth trafficking.



Access Tucson/Homeless Youth Project
Access Tucson/Homeless Youth Project


The next Homeless Youth Project TV Show will be on Saturday 1/26, 6:00pm to 6:30pm on COX 20/Comcast 74. The show will also be streamed live on Access Tucson Live STream  (

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