The Society of Southwestern Authors- January 20, 2013 Forum Alexis Powers MAKE YOUR WRITING DREAMS COME TRUE

MAKE YOUR WRITING DREAMS COME TRUE   Alexis Powers January 20, 2013 Forum

Novelist/columnist and SSA member Alexis Powers will address the January 20 meeting in Tucson on the topic of how writers can publish and promote their books.

Her presentation begins with her adventure in self-publishing that happened over twenty years ago  when self-publishing was not an everyday occurrence.  After receiving rejection after rejection from agents and publishers for her first mystery novel, KISS MY TATTO, Alexis got depressed.  Then she got angry.  When a colleague at her law firm offered to publish the book by Xeroxing it, Alexis went for it.

Her escapades in writing have taken her many places she never dreamed of going, one of them a writers’ conference at Asilomar.  While promoting, KISS MY TATTOO, Alexis wrote the second novel in the Leah Gordon series, KISS DADDY GOODBYE.  Although working full time at a law firm, she was relentless in selling her first novel and learned how to promote herself.  Newspaper coverage gave her an edge and she was asked to be the main speaker at a Writer’s Conference.  That led to other speaking engagements.

In addition to two mystery series, Alexis published a non-fiction book entitled PATHS TO FREEDOM, wrote a children’s book, MADI’S DOLLHOUSE, and recently published her memoir, DON’T DIE BEFORE PARIS.

Besides being a prolific author, Alexis writes a weekly column for the ARIZONA DAILY STAR.  For more than a year she has been conducting a Writers’ Workshop at the Oro Valley Library every other Wednesday.  Alexis has helped many authors accomplish their dream of getting published.

This  author’s talk promises to be lively, and filled with amusing anecdotes.  She will be prepared to answer any questions you have regarding writing, publishing and promotion of your product.

You can see a list of her books on her website.

Forums are now at the Tucson City Center Innsuites Resort (Granada & Saint Mary’s Tucson) 11 am-2 pm, every third Sunday.

Please R.S.V.P by WEDNESDAY before the Forum

520-546-9382 or

$25 w/registration- $30 at the door- includes lunch & speaker


Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Authors  Vol. 41.  No. 6.  December 2012- January 2013



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