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Stuart Watkins 2nd Publisher & Hawkeye Watkins Editor- Arizona: 100 Years, 100 Poems, 100 Poets In Honor of Arizona’s 100th Year of Statehood

Arizona: 100 Years, 100 Poems, 100 Poets In Honor of Arizona’s 100th Year of Statehood

Published by Stuart Watkins 2nd

Revision/Edit by Hawkeye Watkins

Stuart Watkins believes that the first Arizona Poet Laureate will likely be one of the poets in this book. He collected poems from writers all across Arizona and believes you will enjoy the writes inside these covers. He tried to capture the flavor of early and modern Arizona. Many genres of poetry, free verse, and just good reads were included. This is a historic collection of new and published authors. Many have published books, songs, and records, have performed at Cowboy gatherings and published photos in national magazines. Thanks for all who contributed their time and effort as well as their poems to make this book a reality.

“When you toss a pebble into a pond, you cannot stop the ripples.” – JSW

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Developing Better Help for Disadvantaged, ADHD, Autistic and Foster Kids

by Sue West

AMERICA’S TWISTED CHILDREN examines various theoretical models used in working with children such as the Wellness Model, the Illness Model, and the Whole Child Model. The book discusses the tendency of some practitioners to approach problems through perceived inherent weaknesses and illnesses in order to alter and “correct” the child. In contrast, the book also recounts examples in which the strengths of children are used as a portal through which wellness can be found and supported.

Gripping human interest stories provide example of two approaches. A discussion of social controversies and conflicts also employs riveting examples of the application of well-meaning but obsolete or misguided theories, as opposed to approaches grounded in fuller research … and in experience and cutting-edge training for helping kids.

Sue West graduated from the Arizona state university system with a master’s degree in education. She taught junior high school in disadvantaged and mixed socioeconomic areas in the 1980’s for nine years.

AMERICA’S TWISTED CHILDREN contains 50 bibliographic references and quotes many other sources such as new articles and documentary movies. The book will appeal to mentors, tutors, teachers, parents, children’s therapists and social workers. The work is published by:

Sue West Books
3400 E. Speedway Blvd. 118-132
Tucson, AZ 85716-3960

AMERICA’S TWISTED CHILDREN is perfectbound in paperback form, and was printed in January of 2012. The work is available from Antigone Books in Tucson.

ISBN 978-0-9847611-0-4

Penelope Porter, mother of six, grandmother of nine and writer of a series of READER’S DIGEST animal stories has provided this review: “Sue West writes from the heart, using her pen to defend children. AMERICA’S TWISTED CHILDREN makes the case that kids are one of the most precious natural resources for this country’s future.”

Sue West’s blog is available at TwistedChildren.com. Topics covered are Disadvantage, ADHAD, Autism, Foster Care, Kids and Government Policy, as well as Kids and Guns.

Email: Sue@SueWestBooks.com

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