BORDERLANDS THEATER- Be a Friend of A Tucson Pastorela! & 2012-13 Season

BORDERLANDS THEATER- Be a Friend of A Tucson Pastorela! & 2012-13 Season

A Tucson Pastorela!
by Wendy Burk, Eric Magrane
and the Pastorela Ghost Writers

DECEMBER 20-23, 2012
TCC Leo Rich Theater, 260 S. Church Ave


Invites you to become a Tucson Pastorela Angel. Come and spread some heavenly blessings and support one of Tucson’s oldest holiday traditions. Back for the 17th year this Pastorela wont disappoint! This season you’ll find it funny, educational and heartfelt.


It’s so easy!
$250 makes you a Pastorela Action Angel
$100 and you’re a Pastorela Producer
$50 and you can be a Devilish Defender
$25 and you can help every dentist make his boat payment by being a Piñata Promoter!

Directed by Eva Tessler, the Shepherds, Sheep and Dog will follow the Star to Belen to witness the miracle of the Nativity and those sneaky Devils will be in hot pursuit to challenge their every move!

We challenge you to help make that trek possible.
The Pastorela is Borderlands largest production of
the season. We have several Devils, Angels, and Pastores on the take and several Piñatas to fill!
And what would we do without the rock’n Gertie and the T.O. Boyz Waila band?!

Call the Borderlands Theater Box Office – 520-882-7406 with your credit card, go to and click the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of every page, or send a check or money order to – Borderlands Theater, P.O. Box 2791 Tucson, AZ 85702.
Borderlands and the Pastores need you! They won’t reach their goal without you and neither will we. Ticket sales and other play production revenues count for only about 40% of our production costs. Please, won’t you be an Angel for the Pastorela and Borderlands?!
RESERVATIONS: (520) 882-7406

Borderlands Theater 2012-13 Season

Chicas Desenfrenadas
y Vatos Perdidos/
Unstoppable Chicas and Lost Vatos

Tlaltecuhtli, the ancient Aztec Earth Goddess of birth and death, both
kind and terrifying, blesses our 27th season. In our three plays, two young women and one young man
respond to the wispers of voices from the past, and with others struggle to overcome their own demons by converting these whispers into
shouts and song.

Sponsored in part by: Tucson Pima Arts Council, Arizona Commission on the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Arts

Community Partners:
Tucson Meet Yourself & UA Institute of the Environment

Box Office: (520) 882-7406 *
P.O. Box 2791 Tucson, AZ 85702
40 W. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85701

Student Matinees: Alida Wilson-Gunn, (Office) 520-882-8607


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