The Editorial Department- R. J. Cavender Specialty Editing for Horror Fiction

The Editorial Department

Specialty Editing for Horror Fiction

Key elements of the writing craft geared toward the unique genre of horror

What we do:

. Manuscript critique

. Story consultation to develop a great idea into a great book

. Line and copy editing

. Help finding a literary agent, publisher, or path to publication

R.J. Cavender is the editor of the Horror Library anthology series from Cutting Block press, and has worked with hundreds of authors across the full spectrum of the horror genre. His anthology has won several awards and earned critical acclaim, including the 2010 Reader’s Choice award in DARK SCRIBE MAGAZINE’S annual contest and a Bram Stoker Award nomination for Superior Achievement in an Anthology.

At The Editorial Department, R.J. specializes in horror fiction for both new writers and veteran authors looking to take their craft to the next level.

If you’re interest in working with R.J. or any of our other editors, please contact Ross Browne at


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