L. D. Bergsgaard Author- NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM


by L. D. Bergsgaard

With Alex Stone leading his quick response unit in the clandestine operations against high-tech, international terrorism and Doc Martini conducting his own investigations into domestic crime, this intense but panoramic novel moves rapidly across continents into the intriques and shadows of the darkest currents swirling through modern life. Drawing upon over thirty years in federal and state law enforcement as well as the history of ancient transgressions and reprisals, Larry Bergsgaard takes us into lives and dramas we suspect are there, but rarely glimpse until they have become the news stories of our day. In the best tradition of Sjowall and Wahloo, Bergsgaard offers us not only very real and engaging characters, but very insightful and current commentary on political and social conflict we ignore at our own peril.

Paperback: $16.95


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