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Sharon Poppen Author- REGARDLESS


by Sharon Poppen

Sharon Poppen’s latest novel, REGARDLESS, has been published by Regal Crest Publishing and can be purchased both in print and ebook. Check it out and, if you enjoy her writing, please post a review at the Amazon Website. “Enjoy!”

Photographer/Artist Michael Parker is a gay man from the planet Maurac. Star Command Captain Tom McConnell is a heterosexual Earthling who is married with a five-year-old daughter. While enjoying an Aspen ski vacation, Tom meets Michael and finds himself unnerved by an attraction to …

Read more at regalcrest.biz or amazon.com

Taken from the WRITE WORD, the newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 4` No. 5 October/November 2012

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by Rita Urquijo-Ruiz

WILD TONGUES: TRANSNATIONAL MEXICAN POPULAR CULTURES traces the development and rise of the Peladita/Peladito and the Pachuca/Pachuco characters found in the literature, movies, music, and performing arts of Mexican and Chicano culture. Urquijo-Ruiz explores how the Mexican Peladita/Peladito character, usually portrayed as destitute, downtrodden, and comical but who also provided sharp social criticism, paved the way for the zoot-suited Pachuca/Pachucos found later in across the border in the United States.

San Antonio artist Deborah Kuetzpal Vasquez donated the book cover art. will give a presentation on her artwork.

The book, WILD TONGUES: TRANSNATIONAL MEXICAN POPULAR CULTURES has been published by the University of Texas Press and is part of its Chicana Matters Series.


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