Matthew Marine Author- DEVIL’S MOON


by Matthew Marine

Matthew Marine’s gripping debut mystery novel, DEVIL’S MOON, has been released by Open Books Press, Sedona, Arizona. Haunted by the recent death of his son, FBI Agent Stuart Ransom must find the truth behind a gruesome murder-suicide before his past becomes the killer’s next target.

DEVIL’S MOON has received outstanding reviews. “Fast-paced yet beautifully evocative, DEVIL’S MOON is a thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.”- J. Carson Black, Author of THE SHOP and LAURA CARDINAL series. “Matt Marine has written a terrific thriller. A psychopath draws a troubled FBI agent into a series of murders. The search for truth brings the agent horrifyingly close to his own worst nightmare … and it will keep readers on edge right up to the finish. Memorable characters and skillful plotting in some of Arizona’s most intriguing settings.”- James C. Mitchell, Shamus Award-nominated author of the forthcoming OUR LADY OF THE NORTH.

When Matt is not writing about the evil in rural Arizona, he enjoys exploring the state by bike, boot and jeep. He also authors a popular outdoor adventure website called Experience Arizona ( In 2010, Matt was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). This disabling limbic system disorder results in severe reactions to not only chemicals, but every day household products like perfumes, fabric softeners, carpeting and paint. Matt could not live inside his own house and had to stay in a tent trailer in his front yard. Traditional Western medicine has no cure for MCS, and for the thousands who are afflicted by this disorder, the outlook is gloomy. Fortunately, Marine found a revolutionary new treatment system called the Dynamic Neural Retraining System. He now considers himself about 50% recovered and is donating 10% of the profit from his book to directly help people suffering from MCS who could not otherwise afford treatment. You can find out more about Matthew and DEVIL’S MOON at

Taken from THE WRITE WORD The newsletter of the Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 41. No. 5. October-November 2012

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