by Val Porretto

A family quilt is made from many pieces of fabric with their different textures, numerous designs, rough edges, and smooth corners all sewn together. Just like the quilt, a family is comprised of its many members and how they’ve joined to be part of any family: yours, mine, ours, military, foster. Family members come with their multitude of personalities, quirks, and loving ways, all knotted together to provide warmth, comfort, someone to snuggle up to, or someone with whom to share a picnic basket. Some you want to grab onto, hold close to your heart, and never let go. Others you want to give a good shaking to in hopes it will clear their heads of cobwebs and dust. Still other members are a bit frazzled, drifting from us, yet there, if only hanging on by a thread.

Some quilts have been a gift from one generation to another. In them we seek comfort, wrapping ourselves in the treasured memories of a grandma passed, a favorite uncle serving his country, or a new baby’s christening gown. Perhaps the lace or sequins from Mom’s wedding gown are entwined with your niece’s first prom dress. Or maybe your husband’s faded jeans pocket hides your son’s first bib.

Who scattered amongst these do we turn to for strength, inspiration, wisdom, a chuckle, a gentle hug, the softest of smiles, the firm voice, the rock, or the foundation as we caress the crinkled, torn, wrinkled, durable, transparent, brightly-colored, muted tones of the patchwork that is our family?

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