by Mabel Leo

Read the bio of how a young boy hopped the train, left his home in Tennessee with the dream of being a pro baseball pitcher. Instead he became the most trusted friend of the notorious gangster, Bugsy Siegel in The Saga of JACK DURANT. Book review By Nancy Albert, Illinois:THE SAGA OF JACK DURANT is a vibrant, well-researched bio of an intriguing character who typifies the wild-west, sometimes shady, personalities who made their mark in Phoenix. The author cleverly weaves her in-depth research into a lively narrative that gives the reader a feeling of bearing witness to Durant’s rather scandalous life. A terrific read! Book review by Sedona Davis, Idaho: Fascinating reading about Jack Durant, a suave mobster gone straight. His cover-up was so smooth, he became a beloved restauranteur in Phoenix. Who could have guessed that petite Mabel Leo, a newspaper and magazine feature writer, could uncover his past. Crime buffs won’t quit until they, too, know about his alias’, wives, links to Bugsy Siegel and FBI records. This sleuth book has everything and it’s real!

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