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Sabrina Devonshire (Susan Dawson-Cook) Author- THE OPEN WATER SWIMMER


by Sabrina Devonshire (Susan Dawson-Cook)

Susan Dawson-Cook is excited to announce that her first book, a romantic suspense released in e-book format on September 15, 2012. The publisher is Extasy Books She is writing her romance titles under the pen name of Sabrina Devonshire (www.sabrinadevonshire.com). A fitness and sports writer as well as a novelist, Susan is a contributing editor for AMERICAN FITNESS, the travel specialist for Swimmer, and an associate editor for TRAIL WINDS. She is also employed as a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer at Miraval and SaddleBooke and is a nationally ranked competitive swimmer. Many of her articles can be read on her other web site- http://www.susandawson-cook.com

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter of The Society of Southwestern Author Vol. 41. No. 5 October/November 2012

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by James Allen

Can a book really allow someone to by-pass limitations?
Dreams have no limits and no weakness. This fact alone inspired James Allen to write,
“The dreamers are the saviors of the world.”

Have you ever been told you can’t do a thing?

We have all heard it before. Some of us may even believe it. I don’t. I will tell you why. I know this special young lady. I actually call her “My Angel”. Her name is Megan and she is the inspiration behind this book and for me to make her biggest dream to come true. Sometimes when you see a deep driving desire in someone, especially someone you love, you feel empowered to help it become.

What can I tell you? I was told she wouldn’t survive, she wouldn’t know she was alive, and then I was told she wouldn’t crawl, wouldn’t walk, wouldn’t talk, and wouldn’t be able to go to school. Well she is here today living and thriving, she knows who she is and proud of it, she learned to crawl, she learned to walk albeit with a walker and graduated from high school, that is why I know Megan has a totally different agenda, her very own! So when she says she is a writer…I don’t doubt it.
Neither will you.

Megan is my daughter. And she has shown me through her courageous journey from the crib to her workplace what dreams and heroes are made of. I realized from her smile that a hero dwells in each one of us, trapped in our mind covered with the fear of tomorrow, that dead time zone that never comes. The hero wants to come out and do its job.

So this book is not just about a young girl who grew into a young lady’s dream to write a book. It is as Megan always says “You can be anything you want to be” book. It is a way to create her own job, her own career, her own lifestyle free and independent of any hand outs or anyone feeling sorry for her or feeling pity.

It is about her deep driving desire that needs to be fulfilled, because that it is why we have those deep driving desires…to make them real.

Maybe it just may be a blue print for the rest of us.

James Allen

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by Mabel Leo

Read the bio of how a young boy hopped the train, left his home in Tennessee with the dream of being a pro baseball pitcher. Instead he became the most trusted friend of the notorious gangster, Bugsy Siegel in The Saga of JACK DURANT. Book review By Nancy Albert, Illinois:THE SAGA OF JACK DURANT is a vibrant, well-researched bio of an intriguing character who typifies the wild-west, sometimes shady, personalities who made their mark in Phoenix. The author cleverly weaves her in-depth research into a lively narrative that gives the reader a feeling of bearing witness to Durant’s rather scandalous life. A terrific read! Book review by Sedona Davis, Idaho: Fascinating reading about Jack Durant, a suave mobster gone straight. His cover-up was so smooth, he became a beloved restauranteur in Phoenix. Who could have guessed that petite Mabel Leo, a newspaper and magazine feature writer, could uncover his past. Crime buffs won’t quit until they, too, know about his alias’, wives, links to Bugsy Siegel and FBI records. This sleuth book has everything and it’s real!

(More info at http://www.mabelleo.com and http://www.mabelsblog.com.)

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