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Dan Baldwin Author- FIND ME


by Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin’s “As Told To” book FIND ME is the basis for a documentary shot for Looking Up Productions of New York. POUNDING THE GROUND tells the story of FIND ME, an international group of psychics and retired and active law enforcement personnel who search for missing persons and solve crimes. Also featured is the group’s sister organization Arizona Search Track & Rescue, a highly-trained group of volunteers working with scent, track and cadaver dogs. The documentary has been shot and is now being edited.

Baldwin is a co-founder of FIND ME. His skill is pendulum dowsing. He also accompanies AZSTAR on search and rescue/recovery missions as a “ground pounder.” FIND ME is a volunteer organization and does not seek or accept reward money. They work only at the request of or in full cooperation of the appropriate legal authority on each case.

The book FIND ME is available for download through Amazon and as a paperback through CreateSpace. A trailer for the documentary, including interviews with Baldwin, is available at http://www.poundingtheground.com.

Taken from THE WRITE WORD, the newsletter The Society of Southwestern Authors Vol. 41. No. 5 October/November 2012

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Jan Holmes Frost Author- WITHOUT SANCTIONS


by Jan Holmes Frost

A gripping thriller! A group of fanatics wage a Christmas Eve attack on America, and a top-secret U.S. agency borrow untested HCI Human-Computer technology to get ahead of this deadly game.

Available at amazon.com and via leading bookstores and ebook sellers internationally.


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