Dr. Maria Church Author- LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP Transform Your Life with Meaning and Abundance

LOVE-BASED LEADERSHIP Transform Your Life with Meaning and Abundance

by Dr. Maria Church

“Love? You can’t write about love; no one would understand it. People will be confused by the word love.” Maria heard those words repeatedly as she interviewed professors for her dissertation committee. Well – she did write about love, and we are glad she did!

In this small book, Maria presents a big model of leadership – a Love-based Leadership on a self-discovery journey as she presents a very simple, yet profound way to lead. Based on love of self, love of Source, and love of Others, Maria’s message is sprinkled with humor, music and inspiration. She’s igniting a movement, a love-based leadership movement, and has invited you along. Let’s get rockin’!

Available now from Balboa Press a division of Hay House http://www.balloapress.com

978-1-4525-0102-4 (Softcover ISBN)

978-1-4525-0104-8 (Hardcover ISBN)

This title is also available through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer

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