Amethyst Moon Publishing- New book releases: Pembury Hospital WWII Through the Eyes of Frank Stanford and Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . .

Amethyst Moon Publishing- New book releases: Pembury Hospital WWII Through the Eyes of Frank Stanford and Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . .

Just released:


England’s Pembury Hospital has was heavily used during WWII, although not many remain who remember it as it was then. In fact, when it was advertised to find people with stories from Pembury Hospital’s WWII days, only one person came forward: Frank Stanford.

In Pembury Hospital WWII Through the Eyes of Frank Stanford, Frank Stanford openly shares his entertaining and informative memories of working at Pembury Hospital during the war years. Also included are a brief look at Pembury Hospital’s history and the new Tunbridge Wells Hospital, which replaced it.

Come learn, laugh, and be part of the history of an institution that operated for over 150 years.


While interviewing Red Campbell for Where Eagles Fly, Remember Me . . . (the first book in which author R.S.Hunter captured Red’s story), Hunter was drawn into Red’s stories. R.S. Hunter said, “It was as if I was there watching the turn of events firsthand. This was the story of a man who would stop at nothing to live his dreams. As we talked about some aspects of his experiences, Red would sometimes shy away from sharing much detail. The memories we stirred up were still painful for him, even after seven decades.” As Red Campbell surrenders to the cancer that will soon take his life, he wants to tell the rest of the story. Where Eagles Fly, Uncensored . . . is that story. It is the same as in the first book, but with more graphic detail, including an added chapter in which nothing was held back. This is Red Campbell’s story, uncensored, as he remembers it.

Article: Understanding the Value of Nutrition: Proteins

In the prior three months’ articles, I discussed carbohydrates, which are required to supply energy to your muscles. Proteins are needed to maintain, build or repair tissues. Proteins, such as meats, eggs and vegetables, are good sources of the elements needed to keep the body strong by fixing, maintaining and building muscles. Proteins are made up of small units called amino acids. Scientists believe that the human body requires 22 different amino acids to properly maintain healthy tissue, which includes your organs, bones and blood. Your body can manufacture 13 of the required 22 amino acids. The remaining 9 come from the food you eat. Foods that contain these 9 essential amino acids are called complete proteins. Complete proteins come from animal sources, like meat and dairy products. Other foods, such as vegetables, also contain proteins, but are considered incomplete because they do not have all 9 essential amino acids. Vegetarians need to eat a variety of vegetables to be sure they get all 9 essential amino acids.

If your diet consists of few proteins, lacks animal proteins or a necessary combination of foods to give you the 9 essential amino acids, you cannot maintain, repair or build muscles. Athletes in particular need to pay attention to the proteins they are ingesting to be sure the level is adequate to sustain their level of activity. It stands to reason that the harder you work your muscles, the more protein you will need to consume. This is also true if you are trying to build muscle or if you have sustained an injury.

Proteins must be broken down into their constituent amino acids, so they take time to process. While they are digesting, the body is using energy and oxygen. If eaten too close to a period of physical activity, they can make you feel sluggish or slow you down. However, they leave you feeling satisfied longer because they take longer to digest.

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