Buff Whitman-Bradley, Sarah Lazare, & Cynthia Whitman-Bradley Editors- ABOUT FACE MILITARY RESISTERS TURN AGAINST WAR


Edited by Buff Whitman-Bradley, Sarah Lazare, and Cynthia Whitman-Bradley

“ABOUT FACE gives us important insights into the conscience of women and men who volunteer for the military but find they cannot obey orders to fight in illegal wars. These are brave and loyal Americans who are willing to challenge the U.S. government and perhaps go to jail rather than betray their inner voices that say No to these wars!”- Ann Wright, retired U.S. Army colonel and diplomat who resigned in protest of the invasion of Iraq, author of DISSENT: VOICES OF CONSCIENCE

“ABOUT FACE pulls down the veil of what honorable service in today’s U.S. military really means. When new soldiers swear to support and defend the U.S. Constitution by following lawful orders, what are they to do when they are given unlawful orders? ABOUT FACE provides raw examples of precisely what soldiers are doing who take their oath seriously.”- Dahr Jamail, author of THE WILL TO RESIST: SOLDIERS WHO REFUSE TO FIGHT IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN

“During this time of war it is vital that every American take a moment to listen to first-hand accounts of those who have served on the front lines and those who refuse to fight.”- Aaron Glantz, author of THE WAR COMES HOME: WASHINGTON’S BATTLE AGAINST AMERICA’S VETERANS

How does a young person who volunteers to serve in the U.S military become a war-resister who risks ostracism, humiliation, and prison rather than fight? Although it is not well publicized, the long tradition of refusing to fight in unjust wars continues today within the American military.

In this book, resisters describe in their own words that process they went through, from raw recruits to brave refusers. They speak about the brutality and appalling violence of war, the constant dehumanizing of the enemy – and of our own soldiers – that begins in Basic Training; the demands that they ignore their on consciences and simply follow orders. They describe how their ideas about the justification for the current wars changed and how they came to oppose the policies and practices of the U.S. empire, and even war itself. Some of the refusers in this book served one or more tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, and returned with serious problems resulting from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Others heard such disturbing stories of violence from returning vets that they vowed not to go themselves. Still others were mistreated in one way or another and decided they’d had enough. Every one of them had the courage to say a resounding “NO!” The stories in this book provide an intimate, honest look at the personal transformation of each of these young people and at the same time constitute a powerful argument against militarization and endless war.

Also featured are exclusive interviews with Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg. Chomsky looks at the U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the potential of GI resistance to play a role in bringing the troops home. Ellsberg relates his own act of resistance in leaking the Pentagon Papers in 1971 to the current WikiLeaks revelations of U.S military secrets.

Sept. 2011 978-1-60486-440-3 $20.00 5×8 Paperback 272 pages Politics/current events

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